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Meet Quintus Kang: Cameroon Movie Industry’s Outstanding Producer, Actor

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Quintus Kang is a Cameroonian Actor, Producer and Director. The native of Wum in the Northwest Region is referred to by his colleagues as the Method Actor because of his deep and intense interpretation of his characters.

Gradually and steadily, he is writing his name in the Cameroon Movie Industry. The multiple award-winning filmmaker’s great works in the industry have not come by chance. His devotion and hard work in making Cameroon known in and out of the country as far as entertainment is concerned has earned Kang a reputation in the entertainment industry.

From childhood, Kang had never dreamt of becoming an actor, but, as God will have it, he “accidentally” discovered that he could develop a passion for film making when the opportunity came.

“I like to call myself ‘An accidental Actor’ because, growing up, I never dreamt or saw myself getting into entertainment. I stumbled into it and then developed a passion for filmmaking,” Kang said.

He added that, “What motivated me is my love for the art. I am someone who doesn’t easily quit and who is rarely satisfied. I am a perfectionist and who always shoots for 500 percent and would not settle for anything below 100 percent.”

Kang’s exploits in the industry is thanks to Denzel Washington. Like he said, “I am enrolled in his university. I have watched all of his movies, studied his style of acting to the extent that I can even recite all his lines. He is a rare gem.”

Besides his admiration and ambitions, Kang is undoubtedly an outstanding actor whose output is in great measure on and offset. Onset, he confidently says he is a very deep actor. Immediately he picks up a role, he goes so deep into the character that sometimes, it takes him months to get out of that role.

But as a producer, “I am very good at man-management. Being a producer requires you to be very patient and must be able to manage egos,” he says.

Having stayed in the industry for long, Kang believes that the Cameroon Film Industry has all it takes to challenge any industry in the world. According to him, the success of The Fisherman’s Diary is a testament to how endowed the country is.

“With a little push, we will dominate or stand out. We need more support from the government. We need more investors and structures that can regulate foreign content. We also need more distribution platforms for our industry. Let us nationalise our local contents more and help export our culture abroad,” he added.

Quintus Kang has featured in more than 17 films and has directed six including The Fisherman’s Diary, Jason, Reverse, Rejected, Ekei and Retaliation. Quintus Kang is an Actor, Producer, and Director.

He is also a lead actor and producer of the OSCARS selected and multiple award-winning movie, The Fisherman’s Diary. Apart from being an actor, Kang is a businessman spread across the fields of real estate, accounting and finance, transport and insurance. He runs a record label, Kang Quintus Music.

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