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Bishop Bibi Urges Christians To Vote In 2025, ELECAM To Respect The Will Of Cameroonians

by Atlantic Chronicles

The Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buea, His Lordship Michael Bibi, has called on Christians to enrol on the electoral registers so as to be eligible to vote in the 2025 presidential elections.

In a pastoral letter on the responsibility of Christian to participate in the public life of the country, the Bishop said it was “an Invitation to register to vote”. The letter was published on May 19.

“I write to you, today, to invite all those of voting age to take time to register so as to be able to vote in the upcoming 2025 elections. It is true that there is a high level of voter apathy in our country Cameroon. It is equally true, however, that the future and destiny of a country is the collective responsibility of its people. This is particularly true of us Christians, who are not only bound by a civic responsibility, but also by a moral obligation to participate in the life of the state, which includes exercising the right and duty to vote (cf. CCC 2240),” the letter reads in part.

Bishop Bibi said during the Second Synod on Africa, held in October 2009, the Synod Fathers reiterated this Christian responsibility with a particular urgency for Africa, as they reflected on the topic, “The Church in Africa in Service to Reconciliation, Justice and Peace.”

In the document produced after the Synod, he stated that the Holy Father urged them to remember that, “Human peace obtained without justice is illusory and ephemeral. Human justice, which is not the fruit of reconciliation in the ‘truth of love’ (Eph 4:15) remains incomplete; it is not authentic justice. (Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Africae Munus, par. 18).”

“It is this truth, love, justice, and peace that our country Cameroon stands in great need of at this critical time in its history. I therefore call on you my fellow citizens and Christians, to realize that choosing those who will lead us in the upcoming election is a crucially important means of securing true justice and peace,” he added.

Moreover, Bibi implored those who have been called to facilitate the electoral process to recognize, with the fear of God, the even greater responsibility that falls upon them – to protect the fairness and transparency of the entire electoral process, respecting the common will of voters.

“Failure to respect the national constitution, the law or the outcome of the vote… would signal a grave failure in governance and a lack of competence in the administration of public affairs. (Africae Munus, 81). Such failure will only plunge our country into greater chaos,” he said.

Bibi told the Christians that as they begin to prepare for elections, they should be prayerful, listen to the voice of truth, which is the voice of Christ, and to follow the guidance of a well-formed conscience.

“I invite all priests, religious, parents, teachers, and all those of voting age not only to register to vote, but also to remind and encourage one another to do same. May the Spirit of Truth who descends afresh upon us at Pentecost lead us in truth, so that through our political choices we may bring to the public sphere the transforming power of Christ’s truth, justice, peace, and love. And may Our Lady, the Principal,” he said.

He is the latest religious leader to call on Christians to go and register so as to vote next year election. The Imam of Buea, PCC Moderators, and Archbishop of Bamenda had earlier called on the followers to enrol on the electoral register. Voter apathy has increased after the 1992 Presidential elections.

Cameroonians are heading to the polls next year to determine the next leader for another seven-year mandate. Paul Biya is the current President of Cameroon and has been ruling since 1982.

By Njodzeka Danhatu

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