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Prymefans, A US-Based Cameroon Subscription-Based Social Network Launches Across Africa For Content Creators To Earn Income

by Atlantic Chronicles

BUEA, Cameroon, August 7, 2021 A monumental change is coming to Africa’s content creation ecosystem with the launch of Prymefans, a subscription-based platform that allows African content creators (musicians, celebrities, influencers, comedians, entertainers, mentors, and creators from all genres) to convert their social media followers into paying fans to have the first taste of their works and exclusive access to their lives and arts.

Social media has grown and become a primary source of income across the world to most influencers and social media celebrities. Yet, Africans still find it difficult to benefit from the opportunities that come with owning a social media account or having a huge following. With Prymefans, Africans can harness the full potential of social media; with no content restriction, full accessibility and control of their data, and they can earn real income from their followers, fans, and subscribers without any interference.

According to the owners, Djenesys Technologies, “we live in a generation where our mobile phones are virtually an entire corporation, a tool so powerful that anyone who can use any platform out there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, can make real money and have an exciting life, as we can see with many social media millionaires out there.

“We came to see how easy it was for most of our western friends to generate income from social media,” Ndamo Ndamo, Founder/President of Djenesys Technologies, said. However, trying to do the same for most Africans yielded little if any results at all because “we realized Africans have these limitations that prevent them from benefiting from similar advantages since these systems are not built with Africans in mind.” Ndamo added.

Prymefans allows every African with an active follower base on any social media platform to create and own a verified account that will allow their fans to subscribe and access exclusive content on a subscription basis.

The platform, however, doesn’t just open African social media influencers, celebrities, entertainers, and content creators to income-earning opportunities. It also allows those in other parts of the world to benefit from Africa because Prymefans goes beyond the normal standards of payments.

“We’re adding a means where Africans can use local payment methods to pay or access content from those in the West who can also access content from those in Africa,” Ndamo Ndamo Founder/President of Djenesys Technologies, told Afro Hustler in an interview.

How does Prymefans work?

Users on Prymefans can either be content creators or fans (followers) and must be 18 years of age and above. Content creators on Prymefans must have a verified Prymefans account and payout information (bank, mobile money, Bitcoin, or direct transfer with Western Union, etc) to receive their monthly payments.

With an account on Prymefans, content creators can create and publish any form of content in any genre, allowing their fans to consume that content. Content creators also decide if their content is free or paid for which their fans pay a monthly subscription fee to access.

“They decide who consumes their data, when they consume it, and how they consume it, which is something we really need in this time.”

On the other hand, followers have access to wallets that allow them to subscribe to a particular content creator’s account to have access to their content.

Who can use Prymefans?

Everyone with a smartphone can access Prymefans through its web platform, https://prymefans.com. Android smartphone users can easily get the Prymefans app once they open the Prymefans website while iOS users have the option to use its very responsive web application.

From musicians, entertainers, influencers, to those who love to share workout tips and a mentor who loves to share secrets to success to adult entertainers, models who are obsessed about their sexy bodies, chefs who love to share recipes and delicious cuisines, an expert Forex trader who wants to share trading secrets, etc, Prymefans allows content creators from a wide range of genres to create and share any type of content on its platform. It, however, strictly monitors shared content to ensure a safe, creative, and fun environment for anyone using the platform.

How content creators earn on Prymefans

Content creators on Prymefans make money by allowing their followers (fans) to subscribe to their content either monthly, every three months, or own a free account, on tips, via their stores, etc. They get to decide whether or not their content is free or paid for. For one thing, these are exclusive contents they won’t be sharing on any other platform or give first look to a chosen few before reaching the rest of the world, allowing them to choose a payout option that works for them. Think mobile money wallets, Express Union, Express Exchange, Western Union, Bitcoin, card payments, ZuumPay, etc.

At the end of each month—a 25-day period—content creators will be able to withdraw the money their content has produced for them. All the Prymefans platform does with its payment partners and processors is to “ensure that the method of payment the creator has chosen is where we’re going to send their money to.”

The launch of Prymefans is an opportunity for Africans to realize that they’re hardly in the minds of innovators when they’re creating their products. This is why it’s relatively easier for those in the West to get endorsement, sponsorship, and influencer deals than for an African. For one thing, it’s easy to pay creators in the West than it is to pay an African.

“If somebody in Germany has the opportunity to earn $100,000 a year, an African should be able to have that same opportunity to earn $100,000 a year.” The only thing that should prevent an African from earning that amount of money “is that they do not live up to their potential, not because there are restrictions or limitations that hinder them from benefitting from the advantages that exist in this digital age,” Ndamo Ndamo says.

Born at the heart of the social media economy and grown out of a passion for technology, the Prymefans service is available for download from the company’s website, https://prymefans.com.

To learn more about Prymefans, click here or contact:

Phone: (+237) 678-430-608

Email: contact@prymefans.com

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