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CCREAD-Cameroon Electrifies Health Centres In Kupe Muanenguba Division

by Atlantic Chronicles

Technicians working on CCREAD-Cameroon’s project on electrifying health centres

By Andrew Nsoseka

The Centre for Community Regeneration and Development, CCREAD-Cameroon, a nonprofit organisation has once again supported Cameroonian communities in delivering green energy solutions.

The NGO, with a UN -ECOSOC Consultative Status, is also a strategic implementing partner of UNESCO’s ESD-NET-2030 Programme. In one of its latest projects, the organisation has completed the solar electrification of four health centres across Kupe Muanenguba Division, in Cameroon’s Southwest Region.

Within its framework of delivering green energy solutions across rainforest communities, CCREAD-Cameroon, in partnership with Eko Energy Climate Fund, installed a minimum of 15kva solar plants in four health centres.

The organisation says the project is aimed at fronting and facilitating a decrease in the use of fossil fuels within community health centres; cause a decline in rampant bushfires as a way of quickly capturing animals to sell to raise funds for emergency health needs in the cities since local health centres hardly function well because there is no power supply to operate appliances and provide lighting.

He said it also aims at providing an incentive for households to refrain from unsustainable, indiscriminate and illegal acts of deforestation and the need to promote agroforestry and tree planting offered by CCREAD-Cameroon freely to the communities.


The poor energy coverage and lack of access for many community health centres across Cameroon has caused a complete breakdown in service delivery while most rainforest communities have continued to pursue illegal and unsustainable exploitation of rainforests.

When we caught up with the project leader, Dr Hilary Ewang Ngide, the dynamic leader said, “We understand that the government has been working tirelessly to protect biodiversity and foster development at the same time, but this has not been very easy because communities and families continue to carryout poaching, deforestation and other unsustainable nature exploitation.

“Knowing that health is wealth, this project partnered with Ekoenergy Climate Fund to complement other climate actions piloted by our organisation in Cameroon. As a result of this solar project in health centres, nurses would now be able to use essential equipment for proper diagnosis while boosting effective and efficient health service delivery in these rainforest communities. All four installations were completed from August to November 2023, and our post-activity control mission was also finalised.”

Project Leader, Dr Hilary Ewang Ngide and other inspecting installations in a health centre

Dr Emmanuel Esambe of the Bangem Health Area, whose health facility benefited from this beautiful project financed by the EkoEnergy Climate Fund, says attending to patients has now been easy.

“We are no longer going to cry because children and pregnant women can now be diagnosed and treated promptly. Constant electricity failures and total blackouts in most health centres were a severe call for concern. Thank CCREAD-Cameroon and Ekoenergy Climate Fund for coming to our aid,” he said.


Enongene Agnes, a service user, said the project is one of the best because most of those using the health centres are from impoverished rainforest communities.

“The solar installations will help them know about green energy sources; there will never be a period when basic tests will not be connected because of a lack of electricity as it was in the past. Such a project is a beautiful initiative, and I am a living testimony, just like many other women and children you find around these health centres,” she remarked.

Ekoenergy Climate Fund, based in Finland, is working across the world, and their inaugural partnership with CCREAD-Cameroon is already helping rainforest communities in the Kupe Muanenguba Division with a focus on health centres. According to Ngombe Terence, one of the lead technicians coordinating the installations across the four health centres, CCREAD-Cameroon and Ekoenergy Climate Fund have used the best materials and equipment, and if well managed, the facilities will be used for at least 20 years. He revealed that their team also trained some community members on essential maintenance, to guarantee the sustainability of this beautiful project.

Another Project Management Unit team member, Ndille Ntoko Franklin, said the project is essential because the health centres were not functioning correctly in the past.

“Nurses are now emotionally and psychologically ready to meet the needs of patients because all their energy requirements for the powering of equipment have been met fully.”

The solar electrification of health centres is one project many communities are seeking to benefit from. This is not the first time CCREAD-Cameroon is leading such result-oriented interventions in its community oriented projects.

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