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Mr Leo’s New Album Leaves Fans ‘Worried’ Over Changing Style

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Ruth Achiri

Cameroonian music star, Leonard Nsohburinka, popularly called Mr Leo, has released a new album which he names “JEEY”, meaning “different”.

The album, consisting of 13 tracks all titled in his native Lamnso language, comes at a time when the musician’s fans have been raising concerns about his changing style of music.

Mr Leo’s new album contains songs with pertinent messages about the African continent, guided by the major theme “we are born different”.

This difference, he says, is strength and not weakness.

“I’ve always seen myself as a lion and a leader, music finally became that thing am ready to die for and in it I don’t want to exist .I want to leave a legacy. At every point in my music career I always have this strong urge to get better. I always feel the need to evolve.

“I started by doing music to get into the system but now doing music that I really like, music that comes from soul and delivering it as raw as it can be .To me this is the kind of release that fulfills my purpose,” Leo explained.

However most Cameroonians harbour mixed feelings about Leo’s recent transition from romantic music to traditional songs, despite having pulled thousands of fans with his romantic songs including, Jamais Jamais; On Va Gerer; E Go Beta among others.  

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