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1XBET Launches Entrepreneurship Initiative: A Springboard For Talent Dev’t In Cameroon

by Atlantic Chronicles

1XBET, a renowned betting company, has launched an entrepreneurship initiative called 1XBET Ehub in Cameroon. The initiative is aimed at providing a platform to support and uplift local talent in the country.

The official launch of the initiative took place on October 6th in Yaounde, with the presence of Steven Rodrigue Nbienou Kouadjo, the Area Manager of 1XBET for Africa, accompanied by esteemed administrative authorities.

During a press conference, Nbienou Kouadjo expressed his delight in the launch of this remarkable initiative, which aims to assist talented Cameroonians and propel them to become entrepreneurs.

“We hope that young Cameroonians with innovative projects and lacking financial resources and mentorship will benefit from this project. Together, we can build a more prosperous and innovative Cameroon, turning dreams into tangible realities,” he expressed.

Jolivo Boul, the Marketing Officer, emphasized their strong desire to create a reliable platform that nurtures and guides young talents to grow and succeed.


1XBET officials and stakeholders in session

“1XBET envisages shared prosperity, and it is in this spirit that we have launched this initiative to support the development of champions like yourselves. This initiative aims to revolutionize entrepreneurship in Cameroon across various domains. We invite entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and citizens to join us in transforming this dream into reality,” he stated.

Djamo Dahirou, an ICT expert, highlighted that EHUB acts as an incubator for promising Cameroonians to develop their innovative ideas.

“…IXBET Ehub is a project that permits young starts-ups having innovative ideas in different fields like agri-tech, sports tech, innovation and technology, and climate to come in and show to the world that they can change the world with their different innovative ideas,” Djamo Dahirou said.

He explained that the incubation period will last for six months, during which participants will receive intensive training in a boot camp. Among the selected participants, 40 individuals will be selected, and ultimately, 20 of them will be chosen to pitch their ideas in front of a jury. Only 13 start-ups will participate in an incubation period.

Dahirou further explained that three projects per category will be selected for rewards, emphasizing that every participant will receive some form of recognition. The 1XBET Ehub program aims to contribute to the growth of the tech and innovative ecosystem in Cameroon, making it a commendable initiative.

To register for the initiative, interested Cameroonians can visit the web portal, 1xbetEhub.com, and fill out the registration form. Registration opened on October 6th and will close on November 6th.

The selection process, boot camp, and pitch desk will take place between November 27th and December 15th. The incubation period for six months will then run from January to June 2024. The domains covered by the initiative include agriculture, education, technology, climate, and sports.

Aside from encouraging entrepreneurial innovation, this initiative aims to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing technical and financial resources to startups, as well as increasing the visibility of entrepreneurs. A total of FCFA 50 million will be distributed among the beneficiaries.

It is worth noting that this initiative is part of corporate social responsibility and in line with this commitment, the company has undertaken various activities that align with its core values and contribute to the economic development and social while encouraging local innovation.

By engaging in this endeavour, the company aims to create a positive impact on the community and address key social and environmental challenges.

By Etienne Mainimo

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