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Meta Fons Confer “Pillar Of Society” Distinction On Prof Victor Mbarika

by Atlantic Chronicles

The President of the ICT University, Professor Victor Mbarika, has been presented with a knightly recognition known as ‘TEH-BENG.’

The TEH-BENG (Pillar of Society) title was conferred on Professor Victor Mbarika on Saturday, October 28, 2023, in Yaounde, by the Meta Fons Union(MEFU) and the Meta Cultural and Development Association (MECUDA).

This was during a special get-together of the Meta people in and around Yaounde, intended to honour their son and brother, Professor Victor Mbarika, and to fulfil his strong wish to commune with his people as well as to have a good feel of their culture and tradition.

Presenting the knightly recognition to Professor Victor Mbarika, the President of Meta Fons’ Union, Fon Fombo of Njindom, stated: “We have our laureate here, a distinguished son of Meta, and there is one interesting thing about the Meta people. The world that urges others on, the most, is the one that is ahead in performance, accomplishment, deeds and other things, is the one that does great things.”


Prof Victor Mbarika receiving knightly recognition from Meta Fons

On his part, the laureate, Professor Victor Mbarika, thanked God for the recognition as well as his father and mother for his upbringing.

“As a son of Meta, I can stand here and make many promises. I can’t lie to you but all I will say is hopefully, what God has blessed me to do in the past, I will continue to do more because now I know I have the backing of my own fathers. This is a very heavy and new level of responsibility that all of you have put on me,” the learned professor said.

While regretting that an expensive computer set he bought for a secondary school in the Meta land was stolen and sold for nothing by Amba boys, Professor Victor Mbarika promised that as an ICT expert, he would keep equipping schools in all of Meta, even if they steal it 100 times.

“I have equipped over 20 universities all around Africa in the IT area. That’s my domain,” he said.


Prof Victor Mbarika presented to kinsmen after knightly recognition from Meta Fons

He added:” There may not be many areas I can boast of to make Meta proud, but I can tell you when it comes to the area of ICTs, Meta will be number one.”

The event was attended by Meta Fons and the elite, among whom was the Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of the Supreme State Audit Office, Mbah Acha Rose Fomundam.

It also witnessed the presence of academicians like Professors Jean Emmanuel Pondi and Sammy Beban Chumbow.

The colourful Meta traditional attire, meal, wine and dances graced the event.

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