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Afro-SFI Empowers Designers With Entrepreneurial Skills For Business Sustainability

by Atlantic Chronicles

After organising shows and events aimed at promoting sustainable fashion to make it mainstream and promote acceptability, the Afro-Sustainable Fashion Initiative (Afro-SFI) has this time engaged in a project aimed at infusing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills on its designers, to ensure the economic sustainability of their brands.

As such, in a bid to empower fashion designers of the Afro-SFI community, the President/CEO organised a three-day training session on entrepreneurship. This was imperative because the vast majority of designers operate as small business owners but have never had any formal training in entrepreneurship or business management.

Afro-SFI says having in mind the crucial need for entrepreneurial skills for the sustainability of its members’ businesses, “it was essential to build their capacity in this area so that they can begin to achieve growth and expansion while promoting a new eco-friendly fashion culture”.

In her welcome address, the CEO, Catherine Natang, welcomed those who took out time to take part in the seminar. She laid emphasis on the importance of continuous self-development, which, she pointed out, is a necessary tool to stay in business. This falls in line with her goal of empowering fashion designers in the best way possible.

The enriching seminar, which was attended by many, witnessed the commendable participation and interaction of members who were pleased to have been offered the great opportunity to make themselves and their businesses better.

The CEO expressed gratitude to Miss Chunga Jeanine, the resource person and facilitator of the session, for making herself available to Afro-SFI designers.


Participants at the Afro-SFI training pose for a group photo

On day one of the seminar, the guest speaker, Miss Chunga Jeanine, began discussions on entrepreneurship. She drilled the participants on the essentials they need to know about profit, loss, and breaking-even amongst other things.

On day two of the seminar, creatives were introduced to the concept of a business plan and how important it is for every business, especially if they want to seek funding or assistance of any kind.

On day three, designers were taught Basic Accounting, which is very paramount in every business. Given the fact that most creatives are operating small fashion businesses, they tend to neglect certain monetary expenses, which, in the long run, can either prosper the business or bring it down. Sample handouts with material on how to come up with a simple way of recording accounts were provided and each designer was encouraged to take it seriously if they intend to monitor and grow their businesses.

Afro-SFI said it will continue these capacity-building initiatives for the local fashion industry and will readily welcome potential partners as it seems to make eco-friendly fashion become the mainstream fashion.

By Andrew Nsoseka

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