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Ntumfor Barr. Nico Halle Receives Four Awards For Outstanding Peace, Religious, Dev’t, Panafricanist Strides

by Atlantic Chronicles
  • Awing Fon Applauds Halle For Positive Inputs In Awing, Cameroon

Acclaimed legal luminary, peace crusader, election expert, and anticorruption advocate, Nrumfor Barrister Nico Halle, on April 19, 2023, received four awards at his Bonaberi, Douala, law firm office. The four awards, one from the Awing Royal Palace, another from the Presbyterian Church Bonaberi, one from PANAFES and the last from The Reporter Newspaper, added to a plethora of distinctions received by Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle. The four awards took to 182, the total number of awards and distinctions the icon has received.

The event was chaired by Rev. Father Tatah Mbuy, a Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Bamenda, in the company of stakeholders like the Fon of Awing, who was present to celebrate the son of his Fondom, and also oversee the handing over of the award he, the Fon accorded Halle some time ago, for his outstanding leadership and support towards the development of Awing Fondom. At the event, Rev. Father Tatah Mbuy said with Halle’s achievements and works that touch the soul of humanity, he should be awarded the “Sir” title too, and thus be referred to as, Sir, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle.

The four awards, handed to the awardee on Friday, April 19, were awarded at several intervals starting from late 2023, but since the awardee was not there in person to receive them, they were later brought to him at his law firm in Bonaberi, Douala.


Barrister Nico Halle, Awing Fon, Father Tatah and others exchanging documents

On the award from the Fon’s Palace in Awing, it was inscribed, “Royal Recognition. I Fo’o Fozo’o lI of Awing Fondom hereby issue this Royal Recognition to: Ntumfor Nico HALLE. For your indefatigable efforts as The Ninth President General of N.A.C.D.A. as appreciation for your input towards the development, cultural and social uplifting of Awing Fondom. Done today Saturday the 16th of December, 2023 in the Palace of Awing”.

On the Award from PC Bonaberi, it was written, “Certificate of Appreciation. THIS CERTIFICATE IS CONFERRED TO Brother Nico Halle. For your ceaseless contribution in all dimensions for the growth of Christian Men Fellowship Movement of PC Bonaberi. Your sacrifice of time, labour of love and resources contributed to the successes we have recorded.”

On the PANAFES Excellence Award, it was written, “United Africa For Economic Empowerment Proudly Awards (NTUMFOR) Barrister Nico Halle For his/her Outstanding Contributions towards the development of the continent this year 2023”.

On the last award of the day from The Reporter Newspaper, it was inscribed, “THE PILLAR OF DECADES. NTUMFOR Barrister Nico HALLE. You have risen above and beyond. Your outstanding performance in the domains of peace crusading, conflict resolution, overseeing elections, fight against corruption and respect for human rights has truly made a difference. This certificate is awarded to you in recognition of your high level of community involvement for decades that has made you a tall pillar that society reliably leans on.”

The award from Awing Palace, as well as that of PC Bonaberi, were handed to the awardee by a Royal envoy who also happens to be a church elder at PC Bonaberi, Nkeum Menye Tantoh Justine. That from PANAFES was handed by Prof Akuhmbom Mac Anthony and his team while that from The Reporter newspaper was handed over by its Publisher, Teneng Lucas.

Call To Moral Uprightness

Delivering a keynote address titled, “The Genuine Intellectual in Search and Defense of the Truth”, the chairperson of the event Rev, Father Tatah Mbuy started by remarking, “We have gathered here this day, Friday 19 April 2024, to congratulate and encourage someone I would, without hesitation give any amount of academic honours to, not because he has become a high priest of the academia, but because he has come to realise that an intellectual is not known and respected by the colourful design of his academic robe or by the number of titles before and after his name. Rather an intellectual is one who is able to transform knowledge into the improvement of the human person and his society.”

He furthered by stating, “In the typical Anglo-Saxon culture, when one has achieved much for society, he is given the noble title of SIR. So, I would like with your permission to confer on this brother of ours, from hence, the title Sir, Nico Halle, Barrister at Law”.

While urging all to endeavour to lead truthful lives, Father Tatah beseeched all to live the life of the Genuine Intellectual by not looking out to do things only for ones’ self, but for others and what is best for the generations to come after ones’ self. He urged all to seek, stand for, and defend the scientific truth, knowing that truth does not depend on democratic majority. He also said truth is inalienable, eternal and originates from God.

He concluded his reflection by urging all to follow the right path. “As we leave from here today we remember just three important things. First, that we need Genuine Intellectuals – people who passionately seek the truth, propagate and are ready to defend it even at the very risk of their lives. Secondly, that we have an inalienable right to the truth and only the truth will set us free. And lastly, if we want to live valuable lives, we need to go beyond the superficial and live with an attitude of critical consciousness”.


Fon of Awing, Nico Halle and other dignitaries at the award event

Ntumfor Swears To Continually Stand For His Values

In reaction to the awards, Ntumfor stated, “I will not twist my tongue for anything. We are not celebrating the awards, but the giver of the awards, God almighty”, he said. He further stated that awards are not what defines a man. To him, what defines a man is the spiritual impact he has on society. “I attach a lot of importance on spiritual riches. Truth builds and truth sets us free. Greed has reduced man to nothingness, hypocrisy and falsehood.”

While acknowledging the awards, Ntumfor said he has also turned down awards, which were offered for things he judged he did not do or deserve.

Commenting on the award that came from the palace, bearing on his contribution to the development of the village and palace, Ntumfor remarked that to him, the best house in the village should be the Fon’s House, and the people should do everything to make their Fons comfortable, so as to shield them from prying politicians who are always lurking around to use Fons for political aims.

Awing Fon Applauds Halle For Postitive Inputs In Awing, Cameroon

In a brief remark at the awards event, the Fon of Awing, HRM, Fo’o Fozo’o lI, said he came to thank Ntumfor for all he has done for Awing and the entire country. He urged all to put the icon in their prayers.

While closing the ceremony, Rev. Father Tatah Mbuy urged all to be men  and women of steel and be incorruptible. He called on all to be like Nico Halle wherever they find themselves.

By Andrew Nsoseka

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