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Barrister Nsahlai, Anglophone Crisis Victims Seek Justice From International Bodies

by Atlantic Chronicles

The Nsahlai Law Firm and the Cameroon Association of Victims of Ambazonia Terrorism, CAVAT, have amplified ways to seek justice for the atrocities perpetuated on them and most recently the February 11 Nkambe explosion that killed a student and injured many others.

They made the revelation Thursday, February 22, during a press conference hosted by Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai in Yaoundé.

The gathering discussed the legal actions pursued for the victims of the Nkambe incident, highlighted the ongoing humanitarian crisis, and mobilised support for the victims and affected communities.

“In the wake of the Nkambe incident, my legal team and I have embarked on a rigorous legal journey, leveraging every available avenue, both nationally and internationally, to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Barrister Nsahlai stated.

“We have filed formal complaints with the International Criminal Court (ICC), highlighting the acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes perpetrated by nationals of State Parties within the territorial jurisdiction of State Parties,” he added.

It is worth noting that the intensification of the fight crimes by Ambazonia fighters, which has increasingly destroyed life and torn communities apart, aims to pursue justice for victims of the Kumba massacre and the brutal murder of Florence Ayafor, among others.

The reason why, “each case we undertake is a step towards dismantling the networks of terrorism, gate, and violence that have caused so much pain to our communities,” reiterated the Barrister.

Going by Nsalia, they have engaged with international bodies as well as national law enforcement collaborations in a bid to achieve their set goals. The Nsahlai Law Firm has also filed complaints against perpetrators of terrorism with several legal organisations.

“…we have engaged with the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), presenting detailed accounts of the human rights violations that occurred,” mentioned the US-based lawyer.

He further highlighted that their collaboration with Interpol aims to track down and hold accountable those residing outside Cameroon who are implicated in financing and supporting terrorist activities within our borders.

“We have filed complaints against the terrorist perpetrators of this incident with the UN Human Rights Council, HRC, European Court of Human Rights, ECHR, and other applicable bodies,” he added.

In the same wise, Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai emphasised that they have worked hand-in-hand with national law enforcement agencies to ensure that those responsible for the Nkambe tragedy and other acts of terrorism against our nation have the full weight of the law.

After the February 11 explosion in the Nkambe Subdivision, Ndonga-Mantung Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon, statistics from the Nkambe District Hospital revealed at the presser indicate that the explosion left 121 school children injured with one death registered. Meanwhile, one student had her both legs amputated and four others are feared to undergo a similar experience.

He further listed other agonising episodes such as the beheading, in 2019, of Florence Ayafor, a prison warder in Bamenda, and further death threats on her family relatives, the shooting of Ndui Derick that led to the disfiguring of his face and part of his left hand.

Creation Of A Victims’ Assistance Centre

However, Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai announced the creation of a Victims’ Assistance Centre, VAC, to attend to the physical, psychological and emotional needs of victims of terrorism or the ongoing crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon.

Creating a Victims’ Assistance Centre was among the announcements made at the end of a press conference organised by Emmanuel Nsahlai and CAVAT.

The Nsahlai Law Firm, in collaboration with the CAVAT under Yvonne Njoka, shall put in place the centre that shall facilitate access to medical care, legal aid, psychological support, and financial assistance to help the victims and their families rebuild their lives.

Both CAVAT and the Nsahlai Law firm are advocating support especially for people directly affected by Ambazonian attacks. They emphasise a collective responsibility and a holistic approach that goes beyond the courtroom so that victims can recover.

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