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ICT University Showcases Cameroon’s Rich Heritage On Cultural Showcase Day

by Atlantic Chronicles

The ICT University organised a cultural Showcase Day, on April 26th, 2024, on the theme “Discovering and Celebrating the Cultural Richness of Cameroon: Peace, Education and Diversity/ Nation Building and National Integration.”

In the presence of the Vice Chancellor of the ICT University, Professor Jean Emmanuel Pondi, the ICT University Students, exhibited the riches that are instilled in cultural diversity. ICT University Students, being offsprings from the various cultural zones in Cameroon, displayed cultural wealth in language, food, dressing and etiquette.


ICT University Vice Chancellor and students

The day began with prayers in the Moghamo language and then the singing of the Cameroon National Anthem in the mother tongue. Speaking during the occasion, the Vice Chancellor, Jean Emmanuel Pondi noted that the promotion of cultural diversity allows different views, different identities, ideologies and thoughts. He stressed that culture is originality that enables people to be proud of themselves.

The students showcased cultural prowess with different exhibitions as they grouped themselves into the Sawa, Fang-beti, Grassfields and Sudano–Sahelian zones. Each one showcased their cultural possessions. One could cite beef, baobab, dates, pile soap nuts and tiger nuts as cultural fruits. Male students dressed in Ganduras and females in wrappers and blouses. Students from the Grassfield wore the Toghu, displayed carving ornaments and kolanuts.


ICT University students showcasing Cameroon’s rich cultural heritage

Those from the Sawa area had the kabba for women and wrapper and shirt for men. Students from the Fang Beti area had the obom as cultural regalia and danced tremendously shaking their waists. Thrilled by the performance, Professor Jean Emmanuel Pondi summed up his emotions “Culture is the heart of a personality, of a people, of a country and of a continent so I’m very happy to see what I’m seeing today that ICT University is the cradle of diversity and all diverse students live together in a friendly and brotherly manner.

“So I would want to congratulate their innovative mind that they were able to create a different environment right within the building of ICT University. For Africans, diversity is a strength, not a weakness. African culture is based precisely on diversity. Unity is based on the position of one’s value to others. We are used to diversity, the management of diversity is the trade mark of Africa. Be in the Asisntic kingdoms, all the former kingdoms of Africa are based on diversity”, the ICT University Vice Chancellor said.

The students were all thrilled to see each one expressing his/her culture with dignity. Dance and parades added colour to the day.


ICT University students showcasing Cameroon’s rich cultural heritage on Cultural Showcase Day

Laurelle Mballa, a student of the ICT University was overwhelmed and expressed herself “The cultural day helps us to know about people’s culture, to embrace our culture than kill it. It helps us to know who we are and celebrate diversity”

Nguena Zebes a student of the ICT University thinks that diversity is significant on campus “It is an important day for students to showcase the cultural diversity. It’s very important on campus to understand the expressions of each and everyone, to valorise the culture, to develop cultural solidarity and to preserve cultural historicity”

The day ended with a cultural buffet which glamorised different cultural foods and culinary styles. A picture session immortalised the cultural showcase day.

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