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Mbaku Teboh George Wins SDF Elections Rerun In Tiko

by Atlantic Chronicles

Mbaku Teboh George has again won the vote as Chairman of the Tiko Electoral District of the Social Democratic Front party, SDF, in an elections rerun on Saturday, May 25.

He grabbed 346 votes, relegating his rival, Joseph Mbah Anig, who got 189 votes in the elections. After losing the previous vote to Teboh, Anig disputed the result, citing the presence of irregularities.

The previous elections left several militants of the Tiko District disgruntled, given that the voting stretched into the night and the vote counting had to be done in Buea, discrediting the credibility of the process in the eyes of many militants.

The SDF’s National Executive Committee, NEC, ordered a rerun of the elections during a meeting on May 4 in Yaounde.

“We don’t understand why militants of the party at some point cannot reconcile. But the NEC has actually deliberated on the problem and we have sent the three assigned officials back to the field to re-conduct the election. They have been given firm instructions on how to go about it and whoever comes out victorious will be the definite winner and nothing else,” the SDF’s National Treasurer, Abel Langsi, stated during the May 4 NEC meeting.

The outcome of Saturday’s election could settle a longstanding crisis in the Tiko Electoral District of the SDF, where internal disunity has made it difficult for the party’s hierarchy to reorganise the district.

The new Chairman of Tiko is coming in just months to next year’s Presidential, Legislative and Municipal elections, where the SDF is striving to regain lost territories in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

The party lost control of Tiko, which used to be one of its fiefs, to the ruling Cameroon People’s Development Movement party during the 2020 municipal elections.

By Hope Nda

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