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IPYG Drills Youths Organisations On Peace Building

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Neville Mesumbe

Over 100 youths organisations from 40 countries across the globe have been drilled on peacebuilding initiatives and methodologies.

This was during a three-month workshop organised under the theme “The Role of Youth in Pandemic Recovery and Sustainable Future.” During the discussion-based workshop, the youth organisations were lectured on diverse ways to solve social problems, achieve peace, and realize youth rights.

They were equally encouraged to identify and recommend solutions to problems facing their countries and continent. The participants unanimously agreed that one of the pertinent problems affecting youths across the globe is the lack of basic education for youths.

Upon identifying this problem, the participants promised to create a plan to foster educators for youth and to start private education volunteering.

The youth leaders from each of their respective countries and continents equally discussed social issues that stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic and proposed solutions.

According to UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report and the World Bank, a country’s per capita GDP increases by two to two point five percent with every one-year increase in education levels.

Research has equally proven that a 10% increase in secondary education lowers the risk of war by 3%.

According to IPYG, it is clear that providing appropriate education to the youth can solve many social problems. Expansion of national education was also restricted in Africa so positive effects are anticipated with the active participation of civil society.

IPYG has pledged to continue to encourage and support the youth to share their creative ideas and take on challenges to achieve the SDGs in each country and continent, as well as globally.

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