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CAMTEL’s Sponsorship, Support with Prizes Adds Colour To FENASCO ‘A’ Finals

by Atlantic Chronicles

As a sponsor and promoter of young people’s dreams, CAMTEL was not only actively present during the National FENASCO ‘A’ games in Limbe, – the Telecoms giant in Cameroon also supported in providing prizes for outstanding and exemplary athletes at the just-ended games in Limbe, Southwest region of Cameroon.

The games that began on April 2, 2024, ended on April 9, with the final game, which was the football boys match that pitted representatives of the East region against their pals of the Centre region. The final match of the games saw the representatives of the East region outplay their mates from the Centre region, in a stunning 2:1 defeat in regular playtime.

The closing ceremony was presided over by the Minister of Secondary Education, prof. Nalova Lyonga, urged young people to make the best use of resources at their disposal to better themselves and Cameroon, especially in the new age which is quickly being defined by the use and leveraging of artificial intelligence and life-changing inventions.


Closing ceremony of FENASCO ‘A’ finals in Limbe

CAMTEL sponsors and maintains a remarkable presence throughout the competition

As a sponsor of the youths’ sports event, CAMTEL was present from the first day, with its banners flying high and its agents sensitising various audiences and people about its wonderful services.

Speaking to the media, Georges Essama from CAMTEL’s Marketing Department said CAMTEL is happy to have participated in the games, thanks to its partnership with the Ministry of Secondary Education. He said supporting sports and educational initiatives aligns with CAMTEL’s values. “We have supported young people from all over the country to participate, to compete and we are really happy to have done it. Our participation was in various aspects. First of all, we have been involved in providing fixed and mobile internet throughout the competition. We are the best internet service provider in Cameroon so we participated by providing broadband internet services to all the participants. We have also sponsored some of the prizes, major prizes”, Essama said.


Closing ceremony of FENASCO ‘A’ finals in Limbe

He said at the end of the exercise, their team received amazing feedback from various persons and institutions that were present at the games. “People were happy to see that a national telecommunications company is involved in a major initiative like this one. They were happy to see us here, and to see that we are really taking part to promote education, to promote sports, to promote competition, to promote excellence all over the country, for young people”, he said.

The games hosted by the city of Limbe, were described by the Minister of Secondary Education as the best-ever FENASCO games organised in the country.

By Andrew Nsoseka

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