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Prioritising Child Survival: Nestlé, Cameroon Paediatric Society Welcome New Residents

by Atlantic Chronicles

New paediatric residents in a group photograph

By Andrew Nsoseka

Nestlé, in collaboration with the Cameroonian Paediatric Society, celebrated the arrival of 23 new residents and interns in paediatrics on February 29, 2024, in Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde. The welcome ceremony aimed at recognising and encouraging the dedicated professionals who have chosen to devote their careers to the health and well-being of children in Cameroon.

During the ceremony, the President of the Cameroonian Association of Residents and Interns of Paediatrics (ARIPEC) highlighted the passion and commitment required in the field of paediatrics. However, it was noted that the smile of a child finding healing is sometimes compromised by infant mortality, which remains a concern in Cameroon.

The 2018 Demographic and Health Survey reveals that there are 108 deaths of children under 5 per 1,000 live births, with malnutrition being a leading cause. This underscores the urgent need for collaborative action to address child survival in Cameroon, thus giving Nestlé and Cameroon Paediatric Society a reason to work together in order to promote the wellbeing of young children.

The scientific symposium held during the ceremony focused on the theme of “the survival of the child in line with the training of residents and interns of paediatrics.” Led by Pr. Nelly Kamgaing and Dr. Marcelle Ehouzou, both esteemed paediatricians, the symposium emphasised the importance of multi-sectoral actions involving all stakeholders to efficiently reduce infant mortality in Cameroon.

Distinguished personalities from the field of paediatrics and the Ministry of Public Health graced the ceremony. Among others, there were personalities of high rank like Prof. Tetanye Ekoe, Senior Pediatrician and Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Yaounde I; Prof. Koki Ndombo Paul Olivier, Director of the Chantal Biya Foundation and Honorary Consul of Namibia; Prof. David Chelo, Secretary General of Cameroon Paediatric Society; Dr. Charlotte Moussi, Technical Advisor N°2, Dr. Zacheus Ebongo, Director of Family Health; Dr. Ze KAKANOU, head of the division of cooperation at the Ministry of Health. Their presence highlighted the significance of strengthening the capacity of paediatricians, residents, and interns to provide optimal healthcare to children and families in Cameroon.

The 38th batch of Paediatrics Residents, affectionately named the “Promotion Compétence” by their sponsor, Prof. Sap Suzanne, were also honoured by their mentors, who encouraged them to work with courage, passion, accountability, and dedication to reduce infant mortality and ensure child survival in Cameroon.

In a press statement, Nestlé said the activity aligns its strategic partnership between Nestlé Cameroon and the Ministry of Public Health, “which aims to contribute to the continuous training and development of paediatricians. The goal is to equip them with the necessary skills to deliver the best healthcare services to children and families across the country”, Nestlé said.

Nestlé Cameroon’s General Administrator expressed support for the new paediatric residents, highlighting the company’s commitment to their professional success. “I join SOCAPED in welcoming the new paediatric residents and wishing them every success in their professional careers. Through the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, we will continue to support new residents and all healthcare professionals in strengthening their capabilities on child nutrition issues.”

Nestlé said, through its Nutrition Institute, the company “remains committed to advancing the science for better nutrition for individuals and families in Cameroon today as well as for future generations”.

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