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Kenyan Athlete Dies After Finishing Mount Cameroon Race

by Atlantic Chronicles

Deceased Kenyan athlete Charles Kipsang (Photo Credit: Kenya online)

By Hope Nda

Kenyan international runner, Charles Kipsang Kipkorir, 32, ran the 29th edition of Mount Cameroon Race of Hope, finished in the 16th position but died at the Molyko Omnisport Stadium hours later.

While the exact cause of his shocking demise remained unknown, speculations are that he suffered from a cardiac arrest.

He collapsed at the stadium minutes after triumphant athletes had been awarded their prizes, and was confirmed dead at the Buea Regional Hospital where his body has been preserved.

Kipkorir was among 19 Kenyans who ran this year’s race which attracted over 600 athletes from 10 nationalities including Cameroon.

The Cameroon Athletic Federation President, Emmanuel Motombi Mbome, told Southwest Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai that Kipkorir showed no signs of illness after crossing the finish line.

“When the Minister and myself had left the stadium, some 30 minutes after, we were informed that when he was going to collect his own prize, he fell down, collapsed, [and] they carried him to the Regional Hospital. He had already passed away,” Governor Okalia Bilai explained in a press interview on Saturday evening.

“So we cannot say exactly what happened. But he was good, he was fine after the race. He spoke directly with the President of the federation, Mr Motombi who said that he was well, he was good…,” the Governor added.

He was uncertain about what had caused Charles Kipsang’s shocking death.

“We cannot say, until the medical doctor does their work… We may believe that it is something like heart attack. It is a very sad situation because as I’m saying, according to the records, he was at his fourth participation. Those are the athletes who are coming to animate the race; to give more value to the race. So it is a great loss for the African Athletic Federation, for his country Kenya and for us…,” said the Governor.

Charles Kipsang Kipkorir is now the second Kenyan international athlete who has died in the last two weeks.

The East African country is still morning Marathon world record holder Kelvin Kiptum, who died in a car accident on February 11, alongside his coach.

His funeral was attended by dozens, among them Kenya’s President William Ruto.

Reports had initially gone viral that one of Kipkorir’s countrymen, William Ruto, who also participated at this year’s Mount Cameroon Race, was the one who had died.

Ruto, who was leading the Mount Cameroon Race, slowed down just a few kilometres to the finish line and paved the way for Cameroonian-born Elvis Nsabinla to secure the trophy.

He however rejoined the race and came in the 6th position after reportedly suffering from a muscle cramp.

Aside from the unfortunate end of Charles Kipsang, this year’s Mount Cameroon Race unfolded without any security drama. Three explosions rocked last year’s event, leading to one death and several injuries, but the race was heavily attended compared to the one this year.

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