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Mr. Leo to Perform as Major Headliner at Kintati Arts & Cultural Festival in Yaoundé February 16-18, 2023

by Atlantic Chronicles

Kintati Arts & Cultural Festival (KACFEST). KACFEST will take place from February 16-18, 2023 in the Nation’s Capital of Yaoundé. KACFEST is an annual festival organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Arts & Culture to showcase and promote Arts & Cultural Entrepreneurship in Cameroon. KACFEST organized to showcase and promote Arts & Cultural Entrepreneurship in Cameroon. KACFEST aims at projecting the rich cultural heritage of the country.


KACFEST’s mission is in line with national functions of the ministry of arts and culture (MINAC) in Planning, supporting, rewarding, and promoting the visual, public, and performing arts as well as aesthetics in daily life. Planning, supporting, rewarding, and promoting international and cross-strait cultural exchanges. The ministry of Arts & Culture also has the mandate of preservation and conservation of Cameroon’s cultural heritage and promotion of all forms of art and culture, both tangible and intangible.


In the North West and South West regions, wherein an armed conflict has been ongoing for more than five years, thousands of persons, especially women and children have been internally displaced and thousands living in other countries as refugees and asylum seekers, especially in the United States of America. Therefore, providing a unique platform for connecting and healing the USA diaspora community from the North and Southwest regions of Cameroon who have undergone emotional and psychological trauma now for over five years is a call for concern.


Mr. Leo is cultural music Icon of the Tikari grasslands of Cameroon with unique perspective and stands to invoke, inspire and provide peace, dialogue and understanding. In 2020 he was nationally recognized with the Cameroon Knight of the Order of Merit by the Ministry of Arts and Culture (MINAC).


Fonyuy N. Leonard is an outstanding artist with very unique cultural talent representing the Nso traditional values to a very large audience and has been very consistent with his art and craft now for over a decade with his unique lyrical dialectic references typical of the grasslands Tikari culture of Cameroon.  His numerous performances in the past has earned home recognition from the paramount ruler of the Nso Kingdom (Kumbo Bui Division)

Leo’s ability to infuse culturally inspired drums with afropop makes him a great artist and I have no doubt his Mega Cultural Charity Tour USA 2023 will be a great success connecting and delivering great melodies from the grasslfields of the Tikari people of Cameroon to a wider international diaspora audience.

About 20 other artists representing the rich cultures across the different regions and divisions will be represented amongst them are: These amazing artistes & cultural ambassadors amongst other performers will keep you entertained throughout the festival happening from the 16th to the 18th of February 2023 at the National Museum in Yaoundé. Thank you all so much for joining the gathering – Mr. Leo – Artist, Chilli Wawaye, Mola Mongombe – Roi Soleil, Adeline Mbenkum and the Tribute Sisters, Asaba Official, Kissilâ Kay, Yaah Maika Laura official, Kingsly-T, MUSS, Wajo-B, Princess Vinia fans, Ricky Limnyuy Page & DJ pAkEr and many more.

KACFEST’s founder Claudette Fonyuy popularly known by her stage name Chilli Wayaye a performing cultural artist, song writer, and a traditional folklore cultural Ambassador representing the rich cultural repertoire of the Tikari grasslands Culture of Cameroon specifically from Kumbo Bui Division from the Northwest region of Cameroon.

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