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Late Petra Nji’s Groom Debunks Rumours Of Marrying Late Fiancé’s Best Friend

by Atlantic Chronicles

Threatens Legal Action Against Rumour Peddlers  

By Sandrine Akeabeh

Forsack Isbias, fiancé to late Petra Nji who died in a car accident on the Tiko-Douala road, a few days to their planned wedding, has debunked all allegations relating to a social media post that went viral on Wednesday, April 14, alleging that he was getting married to his former to-be wife’s best friend.

Petra Nji was a student at Biaka University Institute, Buea, BUIB, who died about 5 months ago. She died five days to her wedding, along the Tiko-Douala highway in a car crash, on her way to Douala, to do her pre-wedding shopping. She was in the company of her to-be husband, Forsack.

According to the young man, Forsack, based in USA, he returned home from work and his friend called his attention to a viral social media allegation back home in Cameroon, alleging that he was marrying his late fiancé’s best friend. “My reaction was to know the source of the information because I cannot still be mourning my wife with all the fresh wounds and memories and something like this just pop up from nowhere,” he said.

Forsack, added that he knows late Petra’s best friend and a host of her other friends, but has not been in contact with any since he left Cameroon, till recently when one of them called to check on him. “Since I left Cameroon, I have none of their contacts, it was just of recent that one of her friends called to know how I was doing”, he explained.

Forsack said he is unable to figure out who will go about assassinating his character on social media with no respect for Petra’s memory. “May her soul keep resting in peace”. He said.

Forsack said he is presently not in any relationship, the reason being that he is still mourning his late wife Petra Nji. He furthered that has no intentions of settling down soon or even returning to Cameroon in the next five years.

Forsack promised to get justice for character assassination and disrespect of his late wife’s memory. He said the blogger who spread the rumour will be brought to face justice someday.

Social Media Reaction To The Rumours

With the rise of citizen journalism and search for notice and recognition by any means possible, many amateurs in the field of information gathering and dissemination have resorted to peddling rumours and even fabricating stories to attract online attention and social media likes. It is rather unfortunate that stories fabricated to serve such unethical purposes, are to the detriment of those preyed on by the notice-seeking bloggers. Now in the age of social media and citizen journalism, unfounded stories easily spread faster than credible information.

Social media users in Cameroon did not take the ‘news’ of late Petra’s former fiancé getting married to her best friend lightly. There were, are still tons of comments, condemnations and justifications coming in, in reaction to the peddled rumour, which was never fact-checked.  

While many got emotional and spoke about the news bitterly, condemning late Petra’s best friend and accusing her of ‘having a hand in her friend’s death’, others took on her surviving husband, hurling insults on him, for moving on so ‘early’ and for doing so with his late fiancé’s best friend.

On the other hand, a good number of other users who reacted to the rumour, saw nothing wrong if at all, with late Petra’s fiancé deciding to settle with her best friend, after Petra’s death in an accident.

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