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Universal Pentecostal Church’ Compassion Services Donates To IDPs

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea-Cameroon) The charity arm of the Universal Pentecostal Church, and the Church’s body in Cameroon, has donated aid and relief items to IDPs who are victims of Anglophone crisis in the English regions of Cameroon.

The donation of the items kick-started in Buea, with the handing over of the materials, comprising bags of rice, cartons of soap, cooking oil, sanitary pads, clothing items, and others to the representatives of the internally displaced persons around Buea. The donation, the church’s leaders explained, is aimed at providing necessary items to that in need, to help them prepare and celebrate Christmas like other people around the country. The Christians were told that other help, including the reconstruction of some churches destroyed in the course of the crisis, will follow, after the first phase which focuses their celebrating Christmas. It was revealed that as more aid comes in, Christians will be aided so that they can bounce back.


Speaking during the event, Rev. Dr. Julius Titatah, Vice Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church in Cameroon noted that the gifts came from Compassion Services International, a charity arm of the United Pentecostal Church in the USA, in collaboration with the body in Cameroon. He explained that the gifts shared in Buea, were just part of the package, as the distribution team, was to get to the hinterlands, buying more needed aid and relief supplies along the way, to hand them to those living in the bushes and those seeking refuge in some relatively secure areas. “The team will have to go again, buy the same foodstuff and medicine, and take them to Banga, Kake, Ekondo Titi, Bekora, Guzang in Batibo and many other places, to share to the needy. The Master of the church, Jesus takes care of all, including the suffering. As such, as a church, we take it upon ourselves to assist the suffering.” He said.

Church leaders pose with gifts for IDPs in Fako Division


On his part, Rev. Sama Ndaghu, Director of Outreach Ministries said the aid was destined to relief those suffering as a result of the crisis. “We have been able to give some churches that are in Buea, and Fako in general”. He detailed out the plan of distribution, targets where their Christians and other victims of the crisis are located.  

Rev. Sama further explained that the gifts were merely aimed at helping the victims to celebrate Christmas. “We have other projects that we would be carrying out. For instance, they have burnt some of our churches, which we are going to reconstruct. There are people that we are going to build houses for, others we will take to the hospital. If we have those with school needs, we will provide for them. This is just the beginning. Many things will be given out. The international community of our church has promised to do a lot. This is just the beginning”. He said.

Speaking on behalf of the recipients, Michael Nembo, a church elder from Mile 14 in Buea expressed gratitude to the donors, noting that they have suffered numerous challenges due to the crisis. “We are fortunate to be here. There are many that have run away; for some, we don’t even know their whereabouts.” He said.


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