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Njaah Sons & Daughters Urged to Work With Newly Crowned Chief to Bring Development

by Atlantic Chronicles

Fon Teghencha X (3rd from Left) accompanied by Chief Victor Asanga (4th from left) and other Meta Fons.

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Sons and daughters of Njaah Quarter in Tugi, Mbengwi Central Sub-Division of Momo Division in the North West Region of Cameroon have bee urged to work with the newly enthroned Chief, Victor Asanga in order to bring in development.

The call was made by His Royal Majesty Fon T.T Teghencha X, Clan Head of Meta and Fon of Zang-Tabi. The coronation ceremony took place in strict compliance with the traditions of the Meta People on Saturday July 15 at the esplanade of the Njaah Palace. Chief Victor Asanga succeeded his father, Fon Martin Asanga who joined his ancestors in 2022 after an illness.

Presenting the new chief and family head of Njaah to the public, Fon. Teghencha X said, “This is your father, who has returned from a long journey. Work with him closely because this world is full of intricacies. Do not allow anyone try to manipulate him.

“Be on guard. I have not come to do Politics here. Where it so, I won’t have come here today. This is purely a family issue, let peace, love and development take centre stage in this community from this day,” HRM Fon Teghencha X said.

The Fon added, “…I wish you all peace, peace, peace. I have personally come to put things straight so that no one should be misled. If you people have been experiencing some constraints in your relationship with the people or your brothers of Tugi village, know that I have come to preach peace and reconciliation today.”


Fon Teghencha X Advices Meta Fons Union to stay away from Politics

Besides enthroning the chief and family head of Njaah, HRM Fon Teghencha X used the opportunity to advise the Meta Fons Union. Considering the numerous issues circulating within the union, Fon Teghencha X urged them to discuss only issues within their competence and avoid the temptation of diving into people’s private family issues that they know very little or nothing about.

“Please you people should avoid politics which will expose you negatively in front of the whole world. Such will only go a long way to ridicule the secrecy of the institution you incarnate,” the Fon added.

Among other things, the Fon questioned why some Meta Fons Union will go as far writing petitions and even forging signatures of their colleagues in a desperate attempt to halt a traditional event in a private family.

“Political Manipulations and some grand standings have lured some of us traditional rulers to trade our dignities for grains of groundnuts. It’s so shameful to find out that, even Fons can forge the signatures of their colleagues in a desperate attempt to halt a traditional event in a private family. How can you people as Fons arrange a bed with thorns and invite your own subjects or children to lie on it. How can this be possible?” the Fon asked.

“…The way I now see things happening, I think it is due to the influence of strange and foreign traditions. This has made Fons to abandon the tenets of our tradition to embrace foreign dictates which have made it very easy for Fons to sit and type a letter to serve the administration. This kind of approach is counter-productive,” he said.

The Fon maintained that, “I will personally give my support to the Union but where I find problems with the Meta Fons Union, is when some people want to use it as a forum to foster personal agendas or to supersede constituted authorities to the extend where I give advice and directions and they kick against. Such intransigence will not have my blessings. This is where I see the cockroach trying to spoil the calabash of wine and I won’t let that happen,”


Fon Teghencha X Told MECUDA, Let Us Bury Our Hatchets

To the Meta Cultural and Development Association, MECUDA, the Fon called on everyone to bury the hatchets because there is no time for enmity. According to the Fon, the people should do what civilised society refers to as development.

, “…let us all burry our hatchets, lets sheath all daggers we have drawn to fight each other. On the contrary, I urge all of us to turn our war weapons into farm tools, let us use them to cultivate enough food that will feed ourselves and our children especially in the face of the ongoing war in our communities. This is certainly no time for enmity. Let’s pray to God to bless our efforts so our crops will yield bountifully. Let’s do what the civilised society refers to as Development”.

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