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Barrister Balla Says Cameroonians are Giving Atanga Nji a Free Ticket To Impunity

by Atlantic Chronicles
Agbor Balla

Barrister Agbor Balla, President of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, CHRDA

By Njodzeka Danhatu

Human rights lawyer, Barrister Agbor Balla, has said the Cameroonian public shall not be bullied irrespective of the intimidation of the Government.

Talking to The Post on Sunday, May 26, the Barrister at Law said Cameroonians are giving Minister Atanga Nji a free ticket to a lot of impunity.

“This country belongs to everybody,” he said. “A minister Cannot be talking to responsible leaders as if they are his children.”

He was reacting following various utterances from the Cameroon Minister of Territorial Administration threatening some opposition leaders for using some words. Atanga Nji had said some words like, “Cameroonians, Cameroonians, my dear compatriots” are exclusive to the President of the Republic.

To him, by using these words, the opposition leaders are insulting the President. The Minister had said even elected opposition MPs do not have a free pass to impunity by use of certain words and taking of certain actions.

Minister Atanga Nji had earlier cautioned opposition political leaders for mobilising their supporters to register for the upcoming elections.

Commenting on this, the Buea-based human rights lawyers said, “In their desperation, they will ban political alliances, discourage citizens from registering in the electoral register and even threaten those encouraging citizens to register; they will clamp down on freedom of assembly, violate our freedom of expression and proscribe citizens from using certain words.”

According to Barrister Balla, despite all the threats of arresting those who want to make the country a better place for all and clamouring for change, the masses will not be bullied.

“Their reaction is a strong signal that the Champagne party is coming to an end. The people will triumph and there will be euphoria and joy in the land,” said Barrister Balla.

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