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NCPBM Takes Peace, Living Together Campaign To ROCULF, SW Population

by Atlantic Chronicles

Head of Division for Multiculturalism and Living Together, Emmanuel Limene Molonge, speaking to the press in Limbe

By Njodzeka Danhatu

Cameroon is edging into an election year in 2025. It is probable that contentious positions during pre-election periods invariably can lead to hate speech against individuals, groups, and tribes to deconstruct national cohesion, which is a strong pillar on which Cameroon stands.

However, the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, NCPBM, a body charged by the state of Cameroon to watch out against the above-mentioned, is aware and has taken a pre-emptive approach to that.

That is why, between February 1 and 3, the NCPBM was at the Royal Cultural Festival of Limbe, ROCULF, to spread the gospel of living together and social cohesion, among others.

It was a cultural event, hinged on one of NCPBM’s pillars, “multiculturalism.” So, it was there to drum up the message of peaceful and harmonious co-habitation among the population of Limbe and the South West in particular, and Cameroon as a whole.

According to the Head of the Division for Promotion of Multiculturalism and Living Together at the NCPBM, M. Limene Emmanuel Molonge, the commission this year is continuing its pursuit of the fight against hate speech and xenophobia in the context where Cameroon is in the midst of an electoral year.

To him, with the elections coming, there “will be tones that would not be favourable, that propagate hate speech and xenophobia.”


NCPBM stakeholders at ROCULF stand distributing documents educating Cameroonians at festival 

So being at ROCULF, the commission was merely taking advantage of such an event to continue its “cardinal mission of promoting peace and social cohesion, which are in danger” during elections.

The ROCULF was full of many cultural activities, and as the people of Limbe, we’re able to showcase their culture to the world.

But doing that, the NCPBM was there to remind them of Cameroon’s cultural diversity while equally urging them “to continue to live in peace and live together.”

According to Emmanuel Molonge, promoting peace and consolidating national unity is one of the key priorities assigned to the NCPBM.

“In everything you do.” Molonge said, “Avoid expressions that are going to downplay or undermine others.”

Aside from just preaching the message of peace and tolerance, the commission also educated the people on the laws sanctioning hate speech while dishing out material that would further educate them about the structure.

The delegation to ROCULF was comprised of the Head of the Division for Multiculturalism and Living Together, Mr Emmanuel Limene Molonge; the Head of the Regional Branch of the NCPBM in the South West, Mrs Anne Enanga Mosima; and the Head of Communications at the Commission, Mr Bernard Eko.

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