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Mafor Yah Judith Epse Achidi Peace, Unity Football Tournament Kicks Off In Donga Mantung

by Atlantic Chronicles

The fourth edition of Mafor Mafor Yah Judith Epse Achidi Peace and Unity Football Tournament in Donga Mantung Division has kickstarted. The Nkambe Central Subdivision pool hosted the official launching of the tournament on June 16, 2024, at the Municipal Stadium with an over 10,000-man crowd in attendance.

The tournament will be played in the five sub-divisional headquarters that make up Donga Mantung Division (Ako, Ndu, Nkambe, Nwa and Misaje sub-divisions). This annual football jamboree dubbed “Mafor Yah Judith Epse Achidi Peace and Unity Football, Donga Mantung” will be played for three months (June, July and August).

During the official launching at the Nkambe Municipal Stadium, football lovers, youths and traditional rulers of Donga Mantung as well as the administration of the Division poured showers of praises on the General Manager of CAMTEL for her laudable efforts to build peace in the Division and promote national unity.


Speaking at the official launching, HRH Fon Amidu of Nkambe expressed gratitude to Mafor Yah Judith epse Achidi for using football to achieve objectives that go beyond the practice of sports to build social cohesion, national integration and enhancing peace. On his part, Tamnjong Richard Ndi, focal point for Nkambe Central and member of the local organising committee said the General Manager of CAMTEL, Mafor Yah Judith espse Achidi has proven beyond reasonable doubt that what a man can do, a woman can do it even better.

Harping on the importance of peace and unity, HRH Fon Stanley of Njap said football brings people together and breaks barriers between youths and other community members. For football analysts and fans like Ndi John Nformi, being a spectator during a football encounter is much more than watching just the game. To him, it is a good opportunity for him to interact with people from different villages and social backgrounds, thus transforming tensions into relationships.

To the Sub Delegate for Sports and Physical Education, Ndah Victor, the tournament will equally serve as a nursery to build budding talents and encourage social cohesion. He saluted the laudable efforts by Mafor Yah Judith espse Achidi in building a community – free of violence through sports. He revealed that the coming days, matches will equally be played in the various playgrounds in the entire Donga Mantung Division.



Opening Match Of The Tournament

In the Nkambe Central Sub Division Pool, the opening match between Spartans of Bih and Young Stars FC, produced fireworks. At about 1 pm, the Nkambe Municipal Stadium was jam-packed with football lovers. The sounds of the gongs, the vuvuzelas, and drum beats echoed into the hills of Njiseng and the lowlands of Bih, Njimptuh and Tabenken, emitting signals that the peace-building process is gaining more steam. At exactly 2 pm, the Sub Delegate of Sports and Physical Education, Ndah Victor gave the official kick-off of the tournament. At the end of the match, Young Star FC defeated 2 goals to 1, to emerge winner.


The Nkambe Central Sub Division Pool is made up of the following football teams. They are:

  • Young Stars FC
  • Kungi FC
  • Early Birds International of Tabenken
  • Formation Sango FC
  • New Market FC
  • Spartans FC of Bih
  • Mangwang FC
  • Mansoh FC

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