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Escaped Or Freed By Military? – NW Governor, Abducted B’da II DO Tell Two Tales

by Atlantic Chronicles

The Governor of the Northwest region, Adolf Lele l’Afrique and the DO of Bamenda II, Nicholas Nkongho Manchang who was kidnapped on February 6 by suspected separatist fighters in Donga Mantung Division, have both in separate uncoordinated outings given conflicting reports on how the DO regained his freedom. The DO’s release came about a day after he was allegedly kidnapped on his way to Nkambe for the Installation of the SDO of Donga Matung, former SG at NW Governor’s Office.
The abduction of the DO on February 6, 2024, was shocking to many, who raised several questions bordering on why the DO was travelling on such a risky stretch of road inundated by separatists, without sufficient security. Different unsubstantiated answers also filled the social media space, trying to justify what happened to the DO.
In a 9-second video clip making rounds on social media, Nicholas Nkongho says, “It was God’s grace that I managed to escape in the night. So I had to trek for 10 hours”.
On his part, Northwest regional Governor, Adolf Lele l’Afrique at a public event in Nkambe where the abducted DO was heading to, said the victim was freed by government soldiers on the instructions of President Biya, whom he said was informed of the incident. The DO and some collaborators were on their way to witness the installation of the SDO in Nkambe when they were ambushed by separatist fighters, whom the Governor called terrorists. “Aware of this horrible incident, the head of state, H.E Paul Biya instructed firmly the administrative authorities and security services to carry out a swift military operation in order to set free the hostages. As such, four hours later, we received reliable information that the said administrative authority was freed, thanks to the bravery and professionalism of our valiant military forces as well as the bravery of the abducted victims”, the Governor said.
He further called on stakeholders present at the installation ceremony to work together to free the remaining hostages who were taken alongside the DO. About five other persons taken alongside the DO, are still said to be in captivity. The Governor did not say why they were not rescued alongside the DO, by the military he said secured the release of the latter.
By Andrew Nsoseka

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