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World No-Tobacco Day 2023: ACA Educates Students On Dangers Of Tobacco

by Atlantic Chronicles

African Centre for Advocacy celebrated this year’s World No-Tobacco with a sensitisation visit to the Baptist Comprehensive High School Nkwen, Bamenda.

The visit to the school on May 26, 2023, brought together some 160 boys and girls from the Form 5 and Upper Sixth, both from the Commercial and Grammar sections of the school. ACA’s health personnel, Chia John, who is a professional nurse, started by explaining what the smoking tobacco does to one’s health. He told the students that it destroys the lungs, and causes illnesses such as cancer, lung diseases, stroke, heart diseases, diabetes and chronic bronchitis.

He also mentioned Tuberculosis as one of the common diseases caused by smoking. He further explained the dangers of smoking to the people around who are considered as second-hand smokers. He told the students that it has led to thousands of adult deaths and hundreds of infant deaths.


Chia John drilling students on dangers of tobacco

He, alongside other volunteers, advised that smokers who want quit should seek medical attention or therapy for follow-up, and other tips, which can keep them busy, hence, lessening their smoking rate. Nurse Chia John strongly advised that the students stay off smoking, eat healthy foods and fruits in order to preserve their health.

Writing material and stickers were distributed to the students, with No-Tobacco messages on them.

This year’s edition of World No-tobacco Day was celebrated under the theme, “We need food, not tobacco”.

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