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NWCA’s Turnaround: A Decade Of Fiscal Responsibility, Growth

by Atlantic Chronicles

The North West Cooperative Association, NWCA, has demonstrated remarkable fiscal responsibility and growth over the past decade, transforming from a debt-ridden entity to a financially stable and thriving cooperative. Under the astute leadership of the General Manager, Waindim Timothy Ntam, NWCA has implemented strategic measures to address longstanding financial challenges and promote sustainable growth.


Waindim Timothy Ntam, General Manager NWCA Ltd

Resolving Long-term Debt And Enhancing Creditworthiness

One of the most significant achievements under Waindim Timothy Ntam’s leadership has been addressing the long-standing debt issue that had plagued NWCA since 1997.

“The Government of Cameroon, through MINADER, intervened and transferred the debt to the National Debt Recovery Agency, providing us with more favourable terms of payment,” the GM explained.

This intervention has provided a partial solution to the debt saga, significantly easing the financial burden on the association. NWCA Ltd’s commitment to good governance and transparency has also enhanced its creditworthiness.

The association’s internal and external debts, which stood at over FCFA 90 million in 2014, have been reduced to about FCFA 8.5 million. This financial prudence has enabled NWCA to focus on growth and development, ensuring timely payments to farmers and reducing processing and marketing costs.


Ndikwa Peter Bayo, President Board of Directors, NWCA Ltd

Strengthening Financial Management And Farmer Loyalty

The introduction of a revolving fund by GP – IRDP has been a pivotal factor in NWCA’s financial turnaround. The fund has reduced the association’s reliance on high-interest commercial loans, lowered processing and marketing costs, and increased farmers’ earnings through timely payments and produce balances.

“The revolving fund has positively impacted our financial health and increased the loyalty of our farmers to their cooperatives,” the General Manager stated.

Over FCFA 346 million has been paid as balances to deserving farmers since 2014, reflecting NWCA’s commitment to improving farmers’ incomes. The association’s focus on financial stability and farmer welfare has strengthened the bond between NWCA and its members, fostering a culture of trust and cooperation.


Investing In Infrastructure And Technology

NWCA has also invested in infrastructure and technological advancements to support its financial goals. The rehabilitation of the Mile 3 Nkwen, Bamenda, Head Office has transformed it from an eyesore to a symbol of the association’s renewed vigour. The acquisition and installation of a modern coffee transformation plant and a drip coffee machine have enhanced NWCA’s processing capabilities, meeting the growing demand for Kola Coffee and other products.


Strategic Partnerships And Market Expansion

NWCA’s financial turnaround has been bolstered by strategic partnerships and market expansion efforts. The association’s relationships with foreign buyers, including Waltar Mattar in Switzerland, VIATRE Co in South Korea, and INTAFRI Coffee LLC in Japan, have resulted in increased sales and competitive prices.

“These partnerships have been crucial in sustaining our growth and ensuring fair prices for our farmers,” Waindim admits.

The association’s affiliation with international organisations such as the International Cooperative Alliance, International Cooperative Agricultural Organisation, African Fine Coffee Association, and Consumer Cooperative Worldwide has also contributed to its financial stability. These partnerships have provided NWCA with capacity-building opportunities and global recognition, further enhancing its market presence and credibility.


Efforts To Stay Top


North West Cooperative Association, NWCA

During a workshop recently, NWCA Ltd President, Ndikwa Peter Bayo, and General Manager, Waindim Timothy Ntam, expressed concerns about declining coffee production.

“Today’s workshop is crucial for reviewing our activities and identifying ways to improve coffee collection and farmer livelihoods,” Ndikwa Peter Bayo said.

The General Manager, Waindim Timothy Ntam, used Saturday, June 29, workshop to urge union representatives to focus on creating a blueprint for the Board, emphasizing, “We must address this alarming decline in production with actionable solutions.”

With the many advantages, including balances and subsidised farm inputs given to farmers regularly, NWCA Ltd’s management is repeatedly expressing the wish to improve the livelihoods of the over 35,000 farmers and more by maintaining the leadership position in the production of Arabica Coffee in the country and sell of its highly priced coffee brand Kola Coffee.

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