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BIR Sacks, Demotes Moja Moja For Sustained Absences

by Atlantic Chronicles

Ewome Eko John, popularly known as Moja Moja, a member of the Cameroon Elite Force (BIR), has been demoted.
A radio message signed by Colonel PELENE François, General Coordinator of the BIR, said Moja Moja has become more and more unavailable with the corollary of the drop in his performance.
The message added that Moja Moja’s actions as a chief in the Southwest have tended to tarnish the image of the BIR.
The BIR, while demoting Moja Moja to the infantry of the army, said his unavailability and insufficient performance, coupled with his moral behavior, are incompatible with the service of an elite unit.
Moja Moja is popularly known for a lot of things, including arresting and detaining people unlawfully.
Aside from that, he is known for spewing hate and xenophobia.
His demotion has been welcomed with a lot of excitement from the population.
Moja Moja has always claimed to be fighting Ambazonia separatists in Buea, attacking elites in the region, and adopting names like Cardo, among others, to play to the gallery. Unlike other members of the Cameroon elite force, he spends a lot of time driving around Buea, making videos of his actions which in most circumstances breach human rights.

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