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SDF Stages a Strong Comeback In Buea, With Impressive Turnout on National Day

by Atlantic Chronicles

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) is gaining ground in Buea Municipality after being dormant for a while.

On the celebration of the 52nd edition of National Day, the party militants, supporters, and sympathisers turned out in large numbers at the Buea Independence Square.

This was seen as they marched past in front of the various regional and municipal authorities.

That was the first time that the party had been seen pulling out such a massive crowd since the Anglophone crisis started.

However, the turnout will be irrelevant if it is not converted into votes during the upcoming presidential, municipal, and legislative elections.


SDF Stages a Strong Comeback In Buea on National Day

That is why the SDF District Chair of the Buea Electoral District, Efokoa John Mofoke, has called for massive enrolment on the electoral register. That, he said, is what will make the people cause change in the 2025 triple elections.

“The SDF is coming very strong. We are going to participate massively in the 2025 elections. We will take part in all the elections, and we know that we are going to make a difference,” he said.

While urging militants to mobilise and register to vote, he thanked them for coming in large numbers to show Buea that the SDF is still alive.

“For those who have not been able to put their names on the electoral register, they should do so. We should be able to take the council and Buea urban and rural parliamentary seats when the elections come,” he said.

The SDF has rolled out a strategy in which it is constantly sensitising its militants in all SDF wards in Buea.

Further explanation: while the party recorded larger numbers in Buea, Mofoke said they thought it was time to give peace a chance and to show people that SDF still exists and is doing well within the Buea Municipality.


SDF Buea militants marching on National Day

“Coming out this time around will let people know that we are ready for any public event,” he added.

The SDF was the first party, after the return of multi-party politics in Cameroon, to rule the Buea council.

For quite some time, it has been controlled by the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement.

However, the SDF is strategising to make a major comeback and regain the strategic Buea council.


SDF Buea militants marching on National Day 2024

Since Honourable Joshua Osih became chairman, a lot of things have changed in the party, especially with his underground building of the party base in all localities in the country.

By Njodzeka Danhatu

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