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Douala Hosts Agribusiness, Entrepreneurial Fair

by Atlantic Chronicles

In a bid to boost the social economy and handicraft sector in Cameroon and the Wouri Division, in particular, the Regional Delegate of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Balla Ngono Marie-Berthe launched a trade fair in October 2022 at Parcours Vita in Bonamoussadi.

Together with support from the Association of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Local Organisations, Companies, economic stakeholders and Agricultural experts, the event featured workshops as Philip Kwaya, a sponsor said. The workshops covered themes such as the policy of import substitution, quality norms, certification, health stakes, made in Cameroon, and how to override imports by encouraging exports with hopes of hiking Cameroon’s Gross National Product (GDP).

Going by Mache Sylvie, the Divisional Delegate of SME’s who doubles as the President of the Trade Fair’s Campaign Organising Committee, the Littoral Region is host to more than 100000 Small and Medium Businesses (SME’s) and this platform ushered an avenue to help connect them find their way in project financing, build network opportunities, target sponsors as well as have access to grants and business development in a bid to increase their turnover.

On his part, Moluh Manu, head of the Association of Promoters for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises used the platform to enjoin key actors like Associations, well-wishers and government stakeholders to support the illustrious vision and why not improve upon it so that Cameroon becomes an industrialised and revered nation as per the National Growth and Strategic Employment Paper.

The three-day workshop was spiced with quality working sessions such as digital communication, feminine entrepreneurship and animations. Elysee Deumany the Marketing and Communication Head affirmed that all is set to get the ball rolling. The ideal in her opinion remains to harness SME’s networking in the Wouri Division via the implementation of 360 effective communication campaign strategies.

By Honorine Cheng, Content Creator and Data Journalist

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