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ASCOA Cleans 3 Beaches On International Coastal Clean-up Day

by Atlantic Chronicles

ASCOA army of cleaners deployed to clean coastlines

“Engaging volunteers for a trash-free coastline” is the theme that has characterised this year’s International Coastal Cleanup Day for the year 2022. In line with this commemoration, the Association for Community Awareness (ASCOA) sought to sensitise the population of Limbe as well as clean three beaches which are the Bobende, Limbola and Etisa sites.

The CEO and Founder of ASCOA Linus Ayangwoh Embe used this exciting moment to connect people for a trash-free coastline. He further called on students on internship to learn, observe and above all strive to bring lasting solutions to the community around them because the trash gathered can be transformed from trash to treasure by recycling companies who are ready to buy in tons and on-site from these three beaches around the Idenua coastline.

The Executive Director of ASCOA Solomom Takwi states that about 80% of all marine debris comes from a land base source, making this occasion an opportunity to educate denizens of these areas on the importance of keeping the waterways free of trash or debris.

In line with the community at heart maxim, Ebong Fidel, Project Officer for ASCOA on his part, mobilised a huge team comprising staff and volunteers to clean the coastline in a bid to free it from toxic activities. To him, a healthy environment gives people a sense of good living and this is primordial at a time like this when most people have abandoned the coastline.

To clear over 300 tons of unsorted waste, and 2000 tons of plastic, close to 300 volunteers rallied along these 3 sites to reduce human pollution. This was in the company of a health team and stand-by van in case of unforeseen eventualities.

The awareness-creating activity seeks to likewise highlight the negative effects of the accumulation of litter in oceans, coastlines and beaches in the Southwest Region in particular and Cameroon in general. ASCOA which capitalises on the motto “Together we save lives” used the three-hour engagement platform to instil in key actors and volunteers a sense of responsibility owed by all towards the environment.

It was all about “thinking green and thinking different” says Cheng Daniel Teboh, a student on internship at ASCOA who affirms to have been on a journey which has transformed his mind so far. While others see it as a site for dumping garbage like plastic containers, shoes and diverse trash, a few others like ASCOA and partners have opted to tidy it up and a lot is envisaged come 2023 for the next ICC Day.

By Honorine Cheng, Content Creator/Data Journalist

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