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Bony Dashaco Beseeches ICT University Freshmen To Embrace Entrepreneurship

by Atlantic Chronicles

ICT University’s freshmen and women taking matriculation oath

Business mogul and owner of Dash Media Bony Dashaco has called on newly admitted students of the Cameroon ICT University to embrace entrepreneurship and cause change in their communities and Cameroon as a whole.

The entrepreneur told the matriculating students to hold firm onto the knowledge and skills they will from ICT University, in order to become entrepreneurs and big business creators in the country in the years to come.

This was the core message that filtered out his address to the freshmen during their matriculation ceremony that took place last Friday, November 4, 2022.

Painting a picture of the country’s strides and envisaged path to becoming an emerging economy by 2035, Bony Dashaco encouraged the young learners to embrace Entrepreneurship to make it big in Life. “I came here to celebrate with you because I know your presence here is not a coincidence. I think you are the chosen generation. You have specific gifts and qualities that you haven’t reached for. You have all what it takes, because, before me, I see potential entrepreneurs. Nobody should tell you that you can’t do it. You are going to do great things because quality education is the foundation of growth and you are at the right place”, he told the students as he delivered his address to them.


He furthered by encouraging the youngsters to work extra hard because they are potential game changers and job creators of the nation.  “You need to work hard because you are the future job creators so you need to do your job well. Like a bamboo tree, you need to hold your roots firm in order to sprout. Take advantage of this great vision and become the Maya Angelou of your life, he added.

The ICT University according to its founder Prof Victor Mbarika has a vision to transform young minds so that they can fit into an ever-changing world that is highly driven by digitisation. “We don’t want to be an academic institution for theory. We don’t hire or keep anyone who doesn’t keep hands on teaching technology and it is not only for our IT students but even our business students, and education students. All of them must take a certification from the technology department. This is because sooner or later, what people are doing today will be all technology” Prof Victor Mbarika told reporters.

ICT University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof Emmanuel Pondi on his part was grateful to the students for choosing ICT University as the best place to acquire knowledge and skills. “We are thankful to you for choosing the ICT University amongst the many other institutions around the country”, he said.

The ICT University is the leading institution in imparting technology-transformative knowledge and skills in Cameroon. It aims to train youngsters with skills that prepare them and the country for the ever-changing world.

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