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Invest In Cameroon’s Youths, Gov’t Exhorted

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

The Ex-President of the Students Association of the Higher Technical Teachers Training College, HTTTC, Bamenda, Nelson Mbah Zhea, has advised the Government of Cameroon to invest more in the youths, who represent the country’s future.

Mbah Zhea, who spoke in an exclusive interview with The Post, said investing in the youths is a safe guarantee of keeping the country’s future development.

 “Our country can be a great nation if priority is placed on the future of the youths. If Government invests more in the youths, it will stop their frequent movement out of the country. When you fail to encourage or provide opportunities to the deserved young people, then you are creating a future problem for the country by making the youths not to believe in their country,” Mbah Zhea said.

To him, “if the Government does not encourage or does nothing to keep the youths in places where their skills can be used, then she will be sacrificing the future for th present.”

While lauding some of the strides Government is making to empower the youths, the Ex-Students President said more still has to be done to keep young people from indulging in unhealthy practices like cyber-crimes.

“Our Government must endeavour to get our young people away from gambling kiosks so that they can embrace a responsible future,” he said.

According to him, for Government to invest in the youths, the older generation must be willing to go on retirement and give young people a chance. “It is time for those in control of the executive and the two other arms of Government to recognise the importance of retirement for the younger generation to take over. This will stop them from moving out of the country.”

He frowned that unity today has become a far fetch dream because the Government has rather promoted and encouraged the political and ethnic, and linguistic differences at the detriment of national unity.

Mbah Zhea further stated that Africans and Cameroonians in particular have allowed colonialism to continue to becloud their judgment in determining the future for their children. “It is time to think out of the box and the youths should not allow colonial languages to shatter their dreams, instead they should peruse the future with optimism.”

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