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ICT-U Graduates Urged To Combat Hate Speech, Promote Nation-building With Acquired Skills

by Atlantic Chronicles

Cross section of graduating ICT University students

Graduating students of the ICT University have been challenged to fight against the spewing of hate in the country.

They were urged to use ICT to curb the spread of hate speech, instill an ethical mentality and change in all segments of the Cameroonian society to build a stronger nation.

The call was made on July 29 at the Yaounde Conference Centre by the Special Adviser to the PM’s Office, Prof. Cosmos Cheka, who represented the Prime Minister, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, at the ICT University’s 7th commencement ceremony. The theme of the event placed under the PM’s patronage was, “The place of ICT University in Ethical Nation Building.”

He said the event was taking place at the behest of President Paul Biya, who considers ICT tools as being among the most appropriate ingredients needed by Cameroon‘s economy in its process of modernisation. He said it was 11 years of unparalleled academic success by the university to promote the use of ICT and its related applications to provide solutions to everyday problems.


Prof. Mbarika (2nd from left) leading top brass officials of ICT University at ceremony

According to the PM’s representative, the initiative of ICT University is more fulfilling, especially at a time that President Paul Biya is emphasising on the need for the youth to take advantage of the growing opportunities presented by the advent of digitalisation. He mentioned the launching of Cameroon’s digital strategy in 2017, under the auspices of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, geared at promoting role of ICT in the socio-economic and technological advancement of the country.

Other efforts to promote ICT outlined by Prof. Cheka included the adoption, in 2018, of the national plan of nation building aimed at promoting social cohesion and tolerance in Cameroon. The e-governance platform was launched in 2020 to provide citizens with significantly improved access to government services online. He said government expects dissemination of these efforts using ICT platforms in order to meet target communities.

Addressing a mammoth crowd made up of members of government, diplomats, lecturers, hundreds of graduates, parents and well-wishers, the Vice Chancellor of ICT University, Prof. Jean Emmanuel Pondi, particularly hailed the graduating students and their parents. He said the graduates worked hard, met challenges and made sacrifices to attain the acceptable scientific intellectual capacities, social and moral skills.

He said July 29, 2023, marks a new chapter as they were taking a new step in their lives. He noted that the students did not only gained ICT related training capacity but also acquired problem solving, communication and team spirit skills which he said would help them in life. While stating that ICT University hopes to see the graduates’ as often as possible, Prof. Pondi urged them to strive to make positive impact in society.

The Founder and President of the Board of Trustees of the ICT University, Prof. Victor Mbarika, who took time to recognise the stakeholders, said the graduation was different from any other they have had before.

“A large number of students graduated from the Bachelor to PhD levels. Amongst them, a good number of visually impaired persons received their Master’s degree. Thus, we are promoting inclusive education through information technology.

“One of the key things that happened was that so many people came from other countries to graduate in Cameroon. As Cameroonians, we have always known that we have to fly to somewhere to get degrees. Now ICT University is making people to come to our beautiful country to graduate. This is a great accomplishment and I am excited about it,” he said.

The Minister of Higher Education was represented at the ceremony by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof. Horace Manga. Meanwhile, one of the highlights of the event was the life-time achievement awards given to renowned media professionals, the CRTV General Manager, Charles Ndongo and the CEO of Africa Media, Eric Chinje.

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