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ICT University Offers Scholarship To Cameroon’s Eldest GCE Laureate

by Atlantic Chronicles

Women empowerment Minister handing scholarship to Kwasenwi

By Andrew Nsoseka

The ICT University, a vibrant institution fronting as the premier destination for research, innovation, and training of relevant scholars with top quality ICT and Managerial Human Capacity Development best suited to respond to the needs of developing economies, has offered a scholarship to Cameroon’s 2022 GCE eldest laureate, 43-year-old Bran Hilda Kwasenwi  Kawas.

Speaking at the event, Prof. Emmanuel Pondi, Vice Chancellor of the University that offers an American-tailored curriculum approved by the Cameroon government lauded the recipient of the scholarship and used her as an example of the role played by women in shaping and building society, especially in Africa. He said the university is out to encourage those who are out to learn especially when they break barriers in doing so. He said ICT University will always support such persons, no matter the cost.

“We want to magnify her job, her determination, and her willpower. If you don’t have willpower, you cannot do what she did”, Prof Pondi said, furthering that they also want to use the case of the laureate to showcase the fact that society improves based on the woman’s decision to grow it.

Kwasenwi posing with scholarship, flanked by Women’s empowerment Minister, ICT University VC, and her husband as others look on

In a reaction after receiving her scholarship award, Bran Hilder Kwasenwi said she will make the best use of the opportunity. “I want to thank ICT University for giving me this scholarship and I will want to say here that I will not disgrace them. I will put in all my best to see that I come out in three years outstanding… I will also like to thank my husband because he has been so supportive and I pray that he will continue to be the man that I know he is”, she said.

On his part, the husband of the scholarship laureate said he is grateful for the award his wife received and will pray that his wife inspires other women to pursue their dreams in higher education. He revealed that his wife left school over 25 years ago, and with his blessings, she returned to school to pursue her dreams.

Speaking during the ceremony, Cameroon’s Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family who handed over the scholarship to the laureate thanked the ICT University for taking interest in promoting a woman who wants to further her studies even at the age of over 40, married and with children. While also thanking the husband of the laureate for being supportive, she said the ICT University initiative contributes to empowering women and making society a better place.

In an interview with the press, Prof. Pondi said society is built on the values that women inculcate in their children. He said for the African society to move forward, women must be brought in because they are the first educators and value shapers of behaviour and values in Africa like elsewhere. He said the ICT University is interested in going back to African values, reviving and modernising them to shape a better community that responds to the needs of its people. He said to do that, women must be empowered because such initiatives cannot succeed if women are not part of it.

The award of the scholarship to Bran Hilda Kwasenwi took place on September 1, 2022. It was done alongside the Open-door Day and boot camp event of the ICT University. The Boot Camp was themed on “Women in ICT for Sustainable Development”.

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