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Bui Population Flees From MND Caravan, As SDO Begs For Forgiveness

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea-Cameroon) The appearance of the Major National Dialogue, post-MND Caravan at the Mbve Market in Kumbo, Bui Division, sent locals scampering into safety in different directions, and leaving the caravan team confused.

Canal 2’s Regina Leke and Lambert Kehven reported that, at the sight of an armoured car leading the convoy: “Total commotion took over the Mbve Motor Park.” The video footage shows a number of bikes, hooting and revving their engines and dashing into different directions. Some traders, who were carrying out their business activities, could also be seen running in different directions, as the caravan pulled over at the deserted market.


The report observed that, prior to the arrival of the MND caravan, market activities in Mbve, on that Friday, were going on smoothly. With the distrust between the people, Government forces and the Separatist fighters, the market men and women, thus, did not give a chance for the caravan to state their mission.

It is also alleged that the Separatist fighters in the headquarters of the Bui Division, who are popularly referred to as Bui Warriors, had advised the population to run whenever they see a military vehicle approaching.

The Canal 2 report said that the caravan, having no one to talk to at the deserted Mbve Market, took off, and headed for the Banso Baptist Hospital, BBH, quarters, where they met Baptist Christians attending a Nso Field Conference. With a sigh of relief, the caravan had, at least, a group to talk to.

At the Nso Field Conference gathering, the MP for Oku and Noni, Hon Andrew Kwe, who is the peace caravan Coordinator for Bui, told the Christians that they had been sent by President Biya to present what he (Biya) is doing to solve the crisis.


“The Head of State told us to come down here and tell you that things are being done gradually. Even as the dialogue was on, he signed and some prisoners were released. I am sure one, two or three persons from Bui benefited from the gesture and were released. Even political prisoners were released. A few days back, because of the outcry on the need for bilingualism, the President decreed that, for the next five years, the Government will recruit 100 translators and interpreters each year,” Hon Andrew Kwe told the Christians.

Please Forgive The Government, Bui SDO Begs Population

When the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Bui, Harry Lanyuy, took over the microphone to talk to the Christians, he pleaded with them to forgive the Government for its transgressions.

“In the name of God, I beg you to forgive the Government. The Government makes mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. Even a man with a machete or hoe, sometimes makes a mistake and cuts his own body,” he said.

The caravan reportedly left Kumbo for Oku to preach the MND message.


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