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10man Prisons FC Buea Humbles Unbeatable Istanbul FA

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea-Cameroon) Prisons FC Buea, alias Home Boys has put an end to the wonderful run of the giant slayers, Istanbul FA, in a friendly, planned to prepare clubs for the 2019/2020 SW Regional Championships.

In his second spell as head trainer of the Homeboys, Coach Enang N. Severin has recorded two victories and a draw. The draw and first victory came from the two-leg friendly encounters Prisons FC had with Dynamic some weeks ago.

The absence of team captain, Timothy and Jenasse Nchong Lih who have been instrumental in the rejuvenated squad of the Homeboys came as a motivation to the foot soldiers of Coach Enang, who bestowed his trust on Felix Mbonde as captain.


The first sediment saw the Boys of IFAB from Molyko-Checkpoint, mount pressure from all angles to open scores, but the youthful Home Boys side maintained the tactical disposition handed down by their gaffer. Barely 25minutes into the encounter, Ebonge, Prisons’ second-highest goal scorer benefited from a loose ball in the box, and netted it, making it 1-0 for the Homeboys. This score was maintained till the end of the first half.

The second sediment saw more drama as the “Expendables” sent forth all their weapons for an equaliser but failed to measure up to the Home Boys. In the 75th minute, Captain Felix Mbonde was shown the marching order for a reckless tackle on his opponent. This left Enang with 10 commandos till it was 90minutes.

Istanbul FA under Coach Ebenezer alias Jango has recorded a series of emphatic victories against Buea United FC (Mountain Boys), Little Foot FC and ISOHSA, all clubs of the regional championship.


In post-match remarks, Coach Enang told Atlantic Chronicles that: “we are still constructing a team that can take us to places. I don’t look at the result that much. What I was expecting during the game is what I saw. We still have a lot of lapses, our training sessions are going to be centered on our weak points. Istanbul is a formidable side with a wealth of experienced players, I wish them luck”. 

Istanbul Football Academy, since its creation, has lost no game and is poised on bouncing back to their victorious ways, despite this first defeat to Prisons FC.


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