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Brutality against the state: Member of Brigade Anti-sardinards wanted by Yaoundé security

by Atlantic Chronicles

Ngoloko Ébenezer is a 44 year old Cameroonian living in Belgium. For over five years now, he has actively taken part in violent protests across Europe meant to disapprove President Paul Biya’s continuous stay in power.

Through the notorious group “Brigade Anti-Sardinards”, (BAS) they have contributed in tarnishing the name of the country and the President of the Republic in France, Switzerland and Belgium just to name a few.

Cameroon as a country that respects law, doesn’t stop its citizens from expressing their grievances but what it doesn’t tolerate is desecration of state institutions or a group of persons taking the law into their hands.

This so called BAS, operating in Europe has protested in front of the President’s hotel in Switzerland each time he is there and most of the times, the protests have gone violent.

In 2020 when the president visited Lyon, this same group protested in front of his hotel singing anti-Biya songs.

Not only have they protested but destroyed state property, they also attack individuals or groups supporting the president of the Republic of Cameroon.

On November 6, 2022, BAS molested militants of the ruling Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement (CPDM) and destroyed properties during the 40th anniversary celebration of the party in Paris France with Mr. Ngoloko actively involved.

Ngoloko Ébenezer hiding behind the name Béret Rouge and his gang have also disrupted some Cameroonian artists from performing in Europe as well as attacked government ministers on mission.

The father of one and his BAS team attacked Cameroon’s Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Celestine Ketcha Courtes while on a visit to Paris together with traditional rulers from July 9-10 2021.

Cameroon’s Embassies in France, Belgium and some other cities across Europe have been attacked in the past by this group.

It is within this contest that Ngoloko Ébenezer alias Béret Rouge is being hunted by security for him and his gang to pay for crimes committed against the state.

Even back home, his cousin, Salomon Béas, a human right lawyer is being detained at the New Bell Central Prison, Douala for taking part in the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party’s violent protest of 22nd September, 2020.

It is worth noting that Brigade Anti-Sardinard (B.A.S) is a group of Cameroonians living in the diaspora with goal of being hostile to Paul Biya and his supporters. It was created and legalized in France on the 27th of October 2018.

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