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Bamusso Friday Service Mosque Inaugurated, Imam, Collaborators Installed

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Bamusso-Cameroon) The Muslim community in Bamusso, Ndian Division of the Southwest Region, on December 20, witnessed and lived a life-changing faith event that saw the inauguration of the Bamusso Friday Service Mosque, which came alongside the installation of the Sub-divisional Bureau of the Council of Imams and Muslim Dignitaries of Cameroon, CIDIMUC, by the Southwest Regional President, Imam Alhadji Mohammed Aboubakar.

The event brought together the Muslim community, as well as the Sub-divisional administrative authorities, who all discussed issues relating to the well-being of the people and proposed the way forward together.


CIDIMUC’s Regional President, Imam Alhadji Mohammed Aboubakar, alongside his entourage from Buea, inaugurated the Bamusso Friday Service Mosque, which was followed by the installation of a leadership, to ensure the spiritual and social well-being of the Muslim community in Bamusso.

The Imam was accompanied by the Islamic Education Secretary, Hamza Uba; the representative of WAMY Southwest Region, Sheik Yacob; Tiko’s Imam, Alhadji Yusuf Awal; Mallam Bala Maina; the representative of CAMSU, Tawat Ibrahim and journalists.

At the historic event, Abdourahman Bonel was made Amir, to be assisted by Bouba Aboubakar as Vice Amir.

Idriss Oumar was made Central Imam, Said Salah, Deputy Imam, Abdourahman, 2nd Deputy Imam, and Oumar Abelek 3rd, Deputy Imam.

Per the installation, the Imam of Bamusso automatically becomes the Head of the Council of Imams for Ndian.


Also, Saleh Houdjouk was installed as the 1st Muazzin, to be assisted by Alli Abba as 2nd Muazzin; Abakar Abdallah as 3rd Muazzin, and Abdallah Soulemane as 4th Muazzin.

For the post of preachers, Adam Abubakar Halal was appointed, followed by Housein Youssouf, then Sheik Tahir, and Mal Tahirou, all to act as preachers.

For advisers, Mfounalkou, Mafutt Ali, Saidou Hawau, Mal Talinou, and Djaouro Ali, were appointed.

Speaking during the event, the Divisional Officer, DO, for Bamusso Sub-division, Isaac Walla, beseeched the Muslim community, who are settlers, to continue to live in harmony, respecting the law and the tradition of Bamusso, so that peace and unity will reign.

The Mayor of Bamusso, Grace Etongo Mbeng, urged the Muslim community who settled in Bamusso from the Northern Regions, to respect constituted authority. She also requested that, while they fish to sell to other Regions, they should make sure that some of the fish are reserved for the local population to consume.

The traditional ruler of Bamusso, represented by Wilson Etongo, the Chairman of the Traditional Council, narrated that the first Mosgums from Northern Regions of Cameroon, three in number, first arrived at Bamusso in 2005, looking for land to settle.

The late chief then provided space for them to settle and fish. He also provided bags of rice for them. Since then, many others have come, making the Mosgums the majority, followed by Nigerians and then natives. He urged them to recognize traditional authority and reciprocate the kindness.

On a similar tune, the Chief of Yenda, HRM Chief Alex Motombo, urged the Mosgums to respect their tradition as well as the locals.

After listening to what the traditional rulers, the Mayor, and the DO said, as well as the complaints raised, the Imam of Buea, who doubles in his capacity as the regional Imam, urged the leadership of the Muslim community to respect and work hand-in-glove with traditional rulers.

Urging that the fishermen make fish available to locals and that laws be respected, he promised that with instituted leadership, the situation will be reversed. The Imam, taking advantage of the presence of other religious leaders, advised them to organise ecumenical services, which bring all religions to commune together, so as to build the spirit of living together.


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