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Southwest Regional Championship To Kick-Start January 11, 2020

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea-Cameroon) The several postponements of the Southwest Regional Championship have finally come to an end with a clear and concise date. A total number of seven groups (A-G), are to be hosted by four major soccer cities of the region; Buea, Limbe, Tiko, and Kumba.

After an executive bureau meeting held December 17, headed by the President of the Bureau, Thomas Ndive Molungo, Vice President 1 & 2 Mr. Pascal Manga Mbarga, and Nouck Protus Bilap, they agreed on nine important resolutions that will be used during the course of the season.

A total of 27 clubs are affiliated to the Southwest Regional Championship for the 2020 season, from four major cities of the region.


Buea has a total of nine clubs: Buea United FC, Catholic University Sports Academy, Cinyodev FA, Continental FA, Dynamic FC, H.O Academy, Mount Cameroon FC, Prisons FC Buea, University of Buea FC.

Limbe has a total of seven clubs: Best Stars Academy, Future Stars Sports Academy, Isle of Hope SA, Limbe Football Club Association, Njalla Quan SA, Option Sports, Victoria United FC.

Kumba has seven clubs: Bau Manibok FC, Future Dreams FC, Kumba Lakers FC, NEMFA, Nkamanyi Football Initiative, PWD Kumba FC, Treviso FC.

Tiko has four clubs: Ajax Likomba, Eteki Esoh Memorial SA, Little Foot FC, Tiko United FC

Pool A

Buea United FC

Continental FA

Dynamic FC

H.O Academy

Prisons FC Buea

Pool B

Catholic University SA (CUSA)

Cinyodev FA

Mount Cameroon FC

University of Buea FC

Pool C

Future Stars SA (FUSSA)

Limbe Football Club Association (LIFCA)

Option Sports

Pool D

Best Stars Academy

Isle of Hope SA (ISOSHA)

Njalla Quan SA (NQSA)

Victoria United FC


Pool E

Future Dreams FC


PWD Kumba

Treviso FC

Pool F

Bau Manibok FC

Kumba Lakers FC

Nkamanyi FI

Pool G

Ajax FC Likomba

Eteki Esoh Memorial SA (EEMSA)

Little Foot FC

Tiko United FC

Day 1 fixtures are as follows;

POOL A: Dynamic FC Vs Continental and H.O Academy Vs Buea United FC. Prison FC will be on Standby.

POOL B: Mount Cameroon Vs CUSA and Cinyodev FA Vs University of Buea FC

POOL C: LIFCA Vs Options Sports while FUSSA will be on Standby

POOL D: Best Stars Vs ISOSHA and NQSA Vs Victoria United FC

POOL E: Treviso FC Vs Future Dreams and NEMFA Vs PWD Kumba

POOL F: Nkamanyi FI Vs Kumba Lakers FC. Bau Manibok will be on standby.

POOL G: EEMSA Vs Little Foot FC and Ajax FC Vs Tiko United FC

This season, clubs will not be travelling to other cities to play but will remain and face their city rivals, so clubs of Buea will play in Buea, while those in Limbe, Tiko, and Kumba will do same in their various cities. The question remains thus, who will succeed PWD Kumba as Champions of the Southwest Regional Championship, to represent the region and bring Elite 2 football to the Southwest?


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