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Saving Gaz du Cameroun: Cameroonians Launch Campaign, Platform To Defend Company’s Existence, Livelihoods

by Atlantic Chronicles

A platform, #SaveCameroonianJobs.com, has been launched to facilitate the campaign aimed at saving Gaz du Cameroun and the thousands of people whose livelihood depends on the company, either as direct employees, indirect employees, or service users.

The campaign themed, “Join the Movement: SaveCameroonianJobs Launches to Defend Our Livelihoods” is currently on course, and is urging all” to stand together against an external threat that endangers our livelihoods and our nation’s progress”.

Those spearheading the campaign say hundreds of Cameroonians employed by Gaz du Cameroun, GDC, are at risk of losing their jobs while clean energy supply to critical businesses and government structures might also be in jeopardy in the near future.

It further notes that the disturbing development follows plans by US-based RSM Production Corporation embarking a legal onslaught against Gaz du Cameroun known as GDC, which threatens jobs and energy security in Cameroon.

SaveCameroonianJobs.com, a platform dedicated to the fight to protect Cameroonian jobs, interests, clean energy and sustainability of enterprises depending on the GDC, is now up and running. It is serving as a rallying ground for all forces dedicated to keeping GDC from being crumbled.

So far, the platform, among other things, contains detailed information about the threat posed by the legal actions of RSM Production Company and its potential impacts on GDC, employees, and community initiatives.

It also indicates clear guidelines on how people can contribute to the cause, including signing petitions, participating in community forums, and spreading awareness; regular updates on the situation, including any legal developments, community impacts, and responses from both local and international bodies; testimonials from employees, community leaders, and citizens affected by this crisis, putting a human face to the statistics; materials to help advocate effectively, including social media kits, informational brochures, and contact lists for key stakeholders.


Rallying Cry To Drum Up Collective Action

The leaders of the campaign are urging Cameroonians to rally together and make their voices heard in order to prevent the looming danger to Cameroonian workers, companies who depend on the GDC, as well as persons who depend on those companies too.

“Now, more than ever, your voice matters. Visit SaveCameroonianJobs.com, and join this vital campaign. Sign our petition to show your support, share your story if you’re directly affected, and use our resources to educate others and mobilize support.

“Remember, this isn’t just about defending a company; it’s about safeguarding our nation’s economic stability and protecting the livelihoods of thousands. The actions of one individual in the US should not dictate the destiny of countless Cameroonians,” the platform beckons.

GDC, it should be said, provides alternative energy to Cameroonians for breweries and it is also helping to dilute the electricity deficiency in the country as it provides an alternate solution to high consumers to get electricity for their production.

The company has successfully operated within Cameroon since 2009 and has unlocked the country’s energy resources to supply the local economy in Cameroon with gas and electricity, whilst RSM has benefitted financially they intend to play no part in further development and seemingly are not concerned about the future of Cameroon or Cameroonians employed in a viable company.

GDC primarily supplies major industrial customers, including GUINNESS, DANGOTE, SABC, CHOCOCAM, CICAM and CAMLAIT, among others.

In 2015, GDC signed an agreement with national power provider ENEO, to replace Heavy Fuel Oil (“HFO”) usage at power stations in the area, with a cleaner alternative: natural gas.

GDC has long-term gas supply contracts with customers who use gas for a variety of different applications. In early 2016, VOG added to its 20km exploitation license at Logbaba, with the assignment of 75 percent of the neighbouring 1,235 square kilometre exploration block, Matanda, increasing its footprint in Douala, Cameroon.

GDC has secured its position as a dominant gas supplier to industries in Douala. The company is focused on a “pure gas” sales model, delivering a consistent cleaner fuel source to a diverse range of markets and applications.

Fears are rife that Cameroon’s renewable energy strides, as well as thousands of lives, could be lost if the situation is not arrested.

If the feared scheme goes through, hundreds of Cameroonians risk losing their direct jobs, while thousands of others who are indirectly recruited through the activities of GDC will not also be spared. The move also threatens Cameroon’s clean energy supply to critical businesses and government structures.

By Andrew Nsoseka

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