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PM Dion Ngute Lauds ICT University President, Prof Mbarika For Upholding Country’s Image

by Atlantic Chronicles

Prof. Mbarika presenting award trophy to PM Dion Ngute

Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, has saluted ICT University founder and international scholar, Prof Victor Mbarika for shining Cameroon’s image across the globe through distinguished works.

The PM made the declaration on July 26, 2023 in Yaounde during an audience granted Prof Victor Mbarika at the Star Building.

He used the audience to congratulate the distinguished professor on his recent recognition as winner of the African Achievers Award. The PM urged Prof Mbarika to multiply efforts and continue to project the Cameroon’s image abroad.

Prof Mbarika arrived Cameroon a fortnight ago after receiving the award in London, United Kingdom, UK.

Prof Mbarika is a celebrated scholar with refined trappings in the promotion of education and ICTs.  The prestigious award was conferred on Prof Mbarika during a ceremony at the British House Of Lords on July 14th.

The distinction came on the recommendation of the Advisory Board and under the authorisation granted by Board of Trustees. In the spirit of President Paul Biya’s call for Cameroonians to market a positive image of their country to the world, PM Dion Ngute singled out Prof Mbarika as an example worth emulating.

The Historic Award Ceremony

Prof Mbarika received the award at the palace of Westminster, United Kingdom’s Houses of Parliament. The distinguish award is signed by Dr Susan Fajana-Thomas O.B.E, chairman of the African Achiever’s  Awards and Dr Tonye Rex Idaminabon, FRSA, who is Chief  Executive of the awards committee.

The award for the celebrated scholar and outstanding Cameroonian scholar, Prof Mbarika comes after that of the likes of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela; Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere; Burkina Faso’s Thomas Sankara; Liberia’s Ellen Johnson and Ghana’s Nkwame Nkrumah, Kenyatta.

Professor Victor Mbarika who is President and Founder of the prestigious ICT University, is an academic mover and shaker who has transformed and is still giving Africa’s education a fresh impetus.

As recommended by PM Dion Ngute, Prof Mbarika after receiving the award saluted his “beloved country, Cameroon where I started learning leadership as a youngster, and also to my father and hero, Mr. George Mbarika”.

He told the audience that: “As a means to portray my patriotism and honour my country, I decided to present myself in a tie with Cameroon’s flag’’.

He promised to continue mentoring more people, and also honouring the ICT University and his family and the country around the world where he has continued to shine.

Prof Mbarika did not also forget other upcoming African leaders to whom he also dedicated the award, especially those he has mentored.

Prof Victor Mbarika has through the award made history given the calibre of African personalities who have received the prestigious award. He is for now the only Cameroonian who has received the award.

The African Achievers Awards recognises excellence in African leaders who have engaged in multiple actions that have continued to boost growth and human development.

Prof Mbarika is a scholar who has supervised several PhD students. He is a pioneer in ICT and development, a field which he is making impact across Africa and the world.

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