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At Launch Of Journalism Programme: Charles Ndongo, Eric Chinje Urge ICT University Students To Lead Transformation

by Atlantic Chronicles

Journalism gurus, Charles Ndongo and Eric Chinje have beseeched students of the ICT University in Cameroon to be key agents of transformation as they acquire knowledge at the prestigious institution of learning.

They were speaking at the ICT university campus in Yaounde during the ICT University Africa Digital Forum event. It also coincided with the launch the journalism and mass communication programme of the institution.

It was staged under the theme: “The place of ICTs in modern journalism”. It presented a platform for the great minds in the journalism field to share their rich experience with the young generation.


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Veteran journalist, Eric Chinje told the students that:  “I have seen what technology can do in countries like Rwanda, Botswana. I tell you Kigali is the second cleanest city in the world thanks its evolution in technology. The point I am trying to make here is that this generation has the future in their hands and they must take it because they are the soldiers in the field. ICT university students are the generals in this war and they should lead the battle”.

Chinje went on to encourage the students to have a rethink of what they want Cameroon to be in terms of the usage of ICT.

The students he said, have “to go into themselves and think. They have be given the tools. Your understanding of the technologies that rule the world today should be an added advantage”.

He urged them to “think on what they can do different, what they can change in Cameroon. They should dream of a bigger picture of what they want Cameroon to be and a lot is going to change in this country”.


Journalism gurus, Charles Ndongo and Eric Chinje and other stakeholders at ICT University

Enter CRTV GM, Charles  Ndongo

CRTV’s Director General and Guest Speaker, Charles Ndongo on his part called on the students to tap from their rich experiences and develop their talents. He told the ICT students that they are the future of the country.

Charles Ndongo recalled that he and Chinje “have had over the years should inspire you as you get into the field. You can do better than us if you work hard. You are the elite of this nation and you carry the future in your hands. You have the tools in your hands and you can do that”.

Charles Ndongo and Eric Chinje remain and inspiration to many young Cameroonians in the field of journalism and mass communication. The work the two former students of the Advanced school of Mass communication, ASMAC did in their careers will forever remain engraved in the hearts and minds of Cameroonians.


ICT University stakeholders and others at launch of journalism programme

The two men will remain in history as the first to appear on TV during a news presentation on the 20th of March 1985. Their works speak volumes for them and the journalism world will forever remain grateful to them for setting high professional standards.

The vice Chancellor of the ICT University, Prof Emmanuel Pondi and the Founder Prof Victor Mbarika thanked the two great men for inspiring the students with their rich experience and called on the students to take into consideration their words.

The ICT University in Cameroon is a reference point as far as digital studies are concerned. Over the years, it has trained great men in the world of ICT who are excelling in different fields.

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