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‘#NsoFirst Campaign’ Launched To Reduce Suffering Of Indigenes

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

(Cameroon) A campaign dubbed ‘#NsoFirst Campaign’ aimed at calling on Nso indigenes in and out of Cameroon to reflect as a people on ways to reduce the suffering of indigenes back home in Nso land, has been launched.

The campaign launched recently, is an initiative that originated from the Nso Development Association,NSODA, meeting lastly held in Bafoussam, West Region of Cameroon. After deliberations, the idea generated interest to Nso indigenes resident in Nigeria, American, and Europe.

Talking to The Post, the communication team said the campaign is born out of the fact that the ongoing socio-political war in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon has brought untold misery on people, especially those in Nso land. According to them, it is time to speak out, act now,and trigger a new mindset.


“Given that the ongoing war has brought in untold misery, especially to our people, it is time to come together. We cannot sit back and watch. It is time to speak out and act now through #NsoFirst Campaign. We cannot wait until it is all over before we start thinking of what to do,” the communication team said.

The team added that; “With the challenges that the war has brought on our homeland, making our brothers and sisters face immeasurable devastation on their health, social, cultural, economic and educational life, it is time for us to reflect as a people on ways to reduce the sufferings of our people.”

Elaborating on the #NsoFirst Campaign, the team added that triggering new mindsets involves that of being #NsoFirst before belonging to a particular religion, political party, a unionist, federalist, restorationist, a director, civil servant, minister or private employee.


“Being #NsoFirst is above everything else except, being #NsoFirst. The campaign is extending a peace plant in recognition that, despite our differences, what unifies us is greater than anything that seeks to separate us,” the team explained. Besides submitting ideas on what matters most to them in being #NsoFirst, all sons and daughters of Nso are urged to take a picture with the hashtag and share on social media. Entries can also be submitted by completing a survey that came with the message. The campaign that started running from November 15, is expected to end on January 15, 2020, with the publication of a final document of #NsoFirst.


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