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Ngarbuh Massacre: We Want Action Not Calls For Investigation- Cameroonians Tell International Community

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles


Some Cameroonians have lambasted the International community for not taking action against Cameroonian officials for war crimes committed in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

They say the United Nations, UN, African Union, AU, Commonwealth, and other countries have turned a blind eye to the killings, burnings and violations of human rights in Anglophone Cameroon.

These Cameroonians say they need actions not calls for investigations.

They reacted following calls from the international community, urging the Cameroon Government to investigate the massacre in Ngarbuh-Ntumbaw, Donga Matung Division.

The pogrom, according to the UN, led to the death of 23 persons including children and pregnant women, though some organisations like REDHAC, put the number killed at 36.


Following the massacre in Ngarbuh, the UN, Commonwealth, US Embassy in Cameroon and others have condemned the carnage, while calling for an independent, impartial and thorough investigation.

After that, many have taken to social media platforms blasting Heads of international institutions, casting doubts, especially on the UN’s ability to maintain world peace and security.

To them, UN resolution 2005 on the responsibility to protect citizens, which Cameroon has violated, needs to be applied.

“Nonsense, you keep saying the same story and no action taken. Tomorrow, same incident will happen and you will still say the same thing, corrupt people” Vinomels Suh blasts Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth’s SG.

Responding to the UN Human Rights Chief’s statement, Martin Nche Nde said, “These people are sickening honestly. They are a group of hypocrites… tomorrow they will be the first people trying to preach humanity.”

Richard Ndifor, in reacting to the comment from the US Embassy in Yaounde, thanked them for condemning the “cruelty” in Ngarbuh. “We, however, urged you and the rest of the international community to go further than just condemning. We’re looking forward to you guys taking concrete measures. On the issue of investigation, I wonder how credible such an investigation carried out by a suspect can be,” he said.


Investigations In Cameroon

The anger on these calls for investigation is due to the manner in which investigations are conducted in Cameroon. Many incidents, like the Ngarbuh massacre, have occurred in Cameroon and investigations carried out. The findings of such investigations are never made public since the start of the Anglophone Crisis.

During the alleged massacre of civilians in pinyin, the Government said she was going to investigate; now the report is still being awaited.

Last year, baby Martha was killed in Muyuka and the Government said it will investigate into the matter but, to date, nothing has been done.

Also, investigations into the burning of villages have been carried out, but the results end up in the files of the investigators.

The last time investigation findings were published was during the Eseka train derailment. The Government of Cameroon, before carrying out investigations, will either deny military involvement or accuse the separatists.

When the military was accused of killing women and children in the Far North Region, the then Communication Minister denied, but later said seven soldiers were being prosecuted for the crime.

Many are questioning the UN, saying that the suspect of a crime cannot conduct an objective investigation.

However, the international community, since the start of the crisis, has been calling for investigations whenever civilians are killed, houses burnt or human rights violated.


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