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Meet Michael Fonyuy, A Rising Cameroonian Movie Star

by Atlantic Chronicles
Michael Fonyuy

By Etienne Mainimo

YAOUNDE, Cameroon- He is called Michael Fonyuy, but popularly known in the film industry as ‘Bishop’.  Born in Jakiri, Bui Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon, Fonyuy has scaled himself up the Cameroon home movie industry, despite the numerous challenges.

His dedication and hunger in the industry has not only earned him a place, but has situated him in a corner where he is considered as a great asset in the coming years. Michael Fonyuy is one of such relentless, talented, and promising Cameroonian movie actors, who has been for a while, and making a name somehow behind the public eye.

“It is always a privilege for me when I am on set. Each time I am given a role to play in any story, I always make sure I give in my best. I know that, with God beside me, I will move mountains,” Fonyuy said.

Fonyuy, who has a passion for epic African tradition-styled movies, wants to change the narrative, break the stereotype, and make Cameroonians believe in their own home-produced movies.

Mentored by a home movie icon, Joseph Balon, and inspired by Nigerian Stars such as Michael Zubi and Jacobs Olu, Fonyuy aims at being a director and producer with a studio in the years to come.

“A dream is never too big to be achieved. The first is daring to dream the dream. Many Cameroonians are reluctant in investing in the movie industry because of one thing or the other, but I wish to say that there is so much to gain. In the near future, I will be a director and producer, and by so doing, I will help in promoting the culture of the grass-field and Cameroon to the world,” he added.

Fonyuy furthers that: “I am optimistic and enthusiastic. I believe the Cameroon movie industry still has a huge bank of untapped talents that will catapult it to be able to rub shoulders with giants such as Nollywood and Ghollywood, which had won the hearts of a majority of Cameroon movie audience. That is why we have upon ourselves to train those who wish to join the industry through Marcolokoshowline and JB Edutainment. I’m very open and always ready to work with anyone. We just need to invest.”

Within the past decade, the talented actor has featured in more than 15 movies, notably: ‘All Ventures’, ‘God Sent’, ‘Provoked’, ‘Morally Right’ ‘Birds of a Feather’, ‘Broken Dreams’, ‘Duty Calls’, directed by Marcel Nyuysemo and acting together with notable faces such as Vitalis Otia, Alfred Melow, Cyril Epie, Yakubou Yaro and Tatiana Mattip, among other household names. He has also featured in ‘When She is in Love’ directed by Gilfort Fondzenyuy.

In the past years, the Cameroon movie industry has been on a boom given that it has been structuring and producing movies, actors, and actresses of good-to-watch and international standards, despite the huge problems it faces.

The success it has recorded has been, thanks to the endurance of so many young men and women, who brave the odds to shine the light, despite the problems faced, such as lack of sponsorship and limited professionals.

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Marcel Nyuysemo June 1, 2020 - 1:51 pm

Superb. Michael Fonyuy, the most passionate screen man of his generation.


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