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Meet Marbel Jaika, A Genius In Cameroon’s Film Industry

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Yaounde, Cameroon – Marbel Jaika, 24, is an upcoming actress in the Cameroon movie industry. Her creativity, as well as her enthusiasm to produce the best, can only be summarised in one word, a genius. She is not widely known, but her qualities are greatly being felt by many Cameroonians especially lovers of the industry.

Born in Bui Division, Northwest Region of Cameroon, a seemingly quiet Jaika looks like she can’t hurt a fly but on set, her natural talents are unimaginable. Young, smart, and intelligent, she goes a long way to give her best when she is casted.

Her commitment, perseverance and elegance alongside her ambitions to be the best has not only cemented her feet in the industry but has steadily wooed public audience toward her work.

“From the beginning, I had never loved to be an actress even though many people told me that I have the natural talent. Immediately I got to the filed through a friend, I realised that God had blessed me with a lot of talents. Each time I am assigned to play a role, each time I am on set, I feel happy because I am doing what I love best. There is usually that push to give out the best in me and I never failed to do that,” Jaika said.

Smiley Jaika also noted that her performance on set has been very successful thanks to actors and actresses like, McDonald Liborta, Syndy Emade, Elizaberth Ngonggam, Bernad Wirsiy and many others. Marbel Jaika has featured in about 20 movies.

From epic to glamour movies, she has made herself visible sometimes taking lead role. In the mode of love, adventure, and other thematic movie avenues, she has left her trade mark.

“I have featured in many films; Evile Throne, Vodoo and Campus War, all produce and directed by Ewi Van Vickram; Hope by Bruno and When She Is In Love, a film by Gilfort Fuh. They are about 20 movies. From movie to movie, I have greatly improved. I learn everyday and more especially when I am playing a role,” she added.

To her, “Cameroon is still that virgin land where talents are still untapped. We have a lot to tell and show the world. I am optimistic that if these talents are carefully exploited, we can go above some major industries in Africa. Moving out of the country in search of actors and actresses to me is good but better still, we have all what it takes to groom and promote ours. It is just a matter of working together.”

“My advice to all the stakeholders in the film industry is that we need to work together: division has never paid and will never. I know there are so many challenges and speed breaks on our way to the top, but we can overcome all of these, if we are committed. We should not only wait on the government but rather create avenues where the government will start running behind the industry,” she stated.

To the government, Jaika pleads for the need to make the environment comfortable for film makers. This, according to her, can go a long way to provide employment to jobless youths.

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