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Meet Cemark Bemsimbom, Cameroon’s Zealous Upcoming Actor

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Call him Cemark Bemsimbom, but the young upcoming actor in the Cameroon Film Industry is popularly known as Cemark Contripikin.

Many may not know Cermark, but his role in movies he has featured in tells a story of a young man who wants to make a mark in the Cameroon movie industry.

On what motivated him to join one of the most challenging professions, Cemark Contripikin says: “I had people who motivated me, but I depended much on the Nigerian film industry, but later realised that Cameroon was great in filmmaking, which I then started following.

“Cameroon movies like Bad Angel, Rumble, made me fall in love with actors like Vitalis Ottia, Kingsly Ngwah, Syndy Emade, Jeffrey Epule and many others who then inspired me. Filmmaking and film acting has always been my passion till when I had to come across a filmmaker, Ewi Van Vickram, CEO of Immortal Vibes Entertainment,” Cemark said.

From one angle to another, he was motivated and courageous enough to produce his first movie titled: ‘God Sent’. 

“This made me see that my dreams can come true. After the success of my first project, I was again motivated to push ahead.”

As an upcoming actor and upcoming producer, Cemark has appeared in movies including, God Sent, Last Mission Be4 My Wedding and Over My Dead Body. Besides the producer of God Sent, he has also one of the producers of Over My Dead Body.

After a few years in the industry, Cemark says that it is not a bed of roses, but thinks investing in Cameroon’s rich cultural background can help the industry to be the best in Africa and the world.

“Quintus Kang has proven to us that we can always count on Cameroonian movies, in particular from his film “Fisherman’s Diary”, which has won so many awards and presently it happens to be the first-ever nominated Cameroonian movie in the Oscars Awards.

“With this, it shows that Cameroon has all. Right now, we need more efforts and support for each of us to grow and make a perfect industry,” he pointed out.

“We, as Cameroonians, need to watch, trust and invest in our films by consuming home-made products. The Government, especially to the Minister of Culture, should set out awards which can encourage our filmmakers and actors to work harder. Also, more encouragement needs to be done as far as Cameroonian art on TV is concerned. We need to create channels that can showcase our products, rather than showcasing foreign products.

While hoping for greener pastures in the industry as years go by, Cemark Bemsimbom says he believes in hard work and commitment. Apart from being an upcoming actor and producer, he is also a scriptwriter, a hustler and a comedian.

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