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Mamfe Mayor Shot Dead

by Atlantic Chronicles

BUEA, Cameroon- The Mayor of Mamfe, Prisley Ashu Ojong, is no more.

The Municipal Authority was killed, Sunday, May 10, at Eshobi, some eight kilometres from Mamfe. We gathered that the convoy of Mayor Ashu Ojong was reportedly ambushed by separatist fighters.

The Mayor’s death has taken many individuals aback, especially those who saw him on Saturday, May 9, during a ceremony where he received material from the Manyu Economic Development World Conference, MEDWC, to fight against COVID-19.

Reacting to the Mayor’s untimely death, different activists of the Anglophone separatist movement have claimed responsibility for the demise of the 34-year-old Mayor. According to Mark Bareta, the passing onto eternity of Prisley Ashu Ojong should be a loud sounding bell to the United Nations Development Programme that is bent on sponsoring reconstruction activities in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon without ensuring a return to peace.

Another activist, Eric Tataw, also reported on the issue, stating that separatist fighters killed the Mayor.

The demise of Mayor Ashu Ojong adds to the scores of human lives that have been lost as a result of the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon.

By Neville Mesumbe

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