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Lebialem Fons, Youths Denounce Kidnap of 63 Youths, Accuse Chris Anu and Co.

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

The Lebialem Fons Conference has strongly decried the recent kidnap of some 63 boys and girls, whom they say, were kidnapped in the village of Fossimondi in Lebialem Division.

“We vehemently condemn these barbaric acts perpetrated on our children and the fear entrenched into the psychic of our populations,” said the Fons in a recent release.

The youths were reportedly seized in the early hours of July 13 by members of a separatist group controlled by one general Ayeke, a native of Lebialem Division, according to reports.

 “… Some people of Lebialem who have vowed to defy all peaceful offers and fatherly advice in the name of Amba boys of the so-called general Ayeke brutally kidnapped 63 young boys and girls into the forest for reasons beyond our understanding,” a statement from the Lebialem Fons Conference read.

Lebialem Fons said separatist leaders and fighters should consider the interest of the population first in their revolutionary endeavours. 

“We have learnt that Pastor Christopher Anu, Tapang Ivo, Akwanga Ebenezer and associates are the brains behind all these sinful atrocities disconcerting social life in Lebialem for about four years now,” said the Lebialem Fons in a recent release.

Minister Paul Tasong “Falsely Accused” Of Sponsoring Separatists

The Lebialem Fons have equally termed false, claims and accusations that Paul Tasong, elite of the Division, and National Coordinator of the Presidential reconstruction plan, is sponsoring separatist activities in the Division.

They said the claims which had earlier been made against other elite of the Division are being propagated by separatist leader, Chris Anu, and his associates.

Paul Tasong, native of Alou in Lebialem, is Minister Delegate to the Ministry of planning and regional development, appointed earlier this year by President Paul Biya to head the reconstruction plan of the Northwest and Southwest regions.

A release signed by some Lebialem youths decries reported accusations from Chris Anu that Minister Tasong supplied the arms used by separatist general Ayeke to wreak havoc on the population.

Among Southwest’s six divisions Lebialem is one of the hardest hit by separatist activities, with separatists controlling up to six villages in Wabane Sub-division.

Most Elite, civil servants and traditional rulers of the division are unable to travel to their villages because of threats from separatists, most of who are natives of the Division, said a Lebialem elite during the recent reconstruction talks in Buea.

The Lebialem Fons have however stated that the Amba boys have no legitimacy over the Division despite halting schools, some government activities and perpetrating killings and kidnappings in the Division for almost four years now.

They said Chris Anu and other separatist leaders from the Division should not be allowed to represent Lebialem at any national or international forum. 

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