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Don’t Use Crisis As Excuse For Unexecuted Contracts – Contractors Warned

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

BUEA, Cameroon- Contractors charged with executing projects of the Public Investment Budget, PIB, in the Southwest Region, have been warned against using the on-going Anglophone Crisis, as an excuse, not to execute contracts awarded to them.

The warning was issued during the first semester Regional Follow-up Committee Meeting on the execution of the PIB in the Region, held in Buea, on July 23. The Follow-up Committee meeting was Chaired by Hon. Malomba Esembe, who frowned at the use the crisis by contractors to delay and not execute projects, even when no real threat is posed in the area where the project is to be executed.

Also, stakeholders at the meeting complained that, in some cases, the few brave contractors who execute projects are hardly paid on time, and as such, they spend a lot of time and resources to go through administrative bottlenecks to be paid for their job.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Hon. Malomba said they have observed that the level of execution of projects, both physical and financial, are very low. He added that, even though the situation has improved as compared to last year; “… whereby, this time, we were talking about  seven percent execution rate, but now we are at 15 percent and you bear with me that, midway into the financial year, we should be, at least, 50 percent.

“We have observed that there is still some level of insecurity in the Region, and justifiably, in some of these places, contractors cannot do the work. Also, a good number of contractors are using this as a cover-up, not to work.”

On using the crisis as a tactic not to implement projects, the Follow-up Committee Chair reminded contractors of the criminal provisions that could be initiated for those who misappropriate or mismanage public funds.

The MP told contractors that that the PIB and Presidential plan for Reconstruction and Development, are a golden opportunity, and as such, they need to do their part, by executing projects so as to contribute to peace-building in the ravaged communities.

Statistics, as provided by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, show that for the Southwest Region, as of July 22, 2020, physical realisation of projects stands at 15.81 percent, while the level of liquidation stands at 7.24 percent. Commitment level stands at 8.42 percent, all for the 457 projects allocated to the region in the 2020 public investment budget.

In the regional rankings at the level of Divisions, Manyu leads, with 24.88 percent; followed by Ndian with 23.79 percent; Fako 10 percent; Kupe Muanenguba with 9.06 percent; Lebialem 7.54 perent; and on the last spot, Meme with 1.5 percent of physical execution.

At the level of Councils, Eyumojock with the least number of projects, (7) leads with 69.55 percent physical execution rate.  Eyumojock is followed by Kombo Itindi with 44.37 percent physical execution rate.

Those at the bottom with zero percent physical execution of their projects are; Kumba I, Kumba II, Menji, Kombo Abedimo, Kumba III, Toko, Dikome Balue, Akwaya, Tobel, Mamfe, Muyuka, Idenau, and Buea, who are still to implement a single project.

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